Get Involved With the GLA Blog!

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Well do ya want to get involved? Huh huh dooya dooya? The GLA blog is a well-trafficked site and there are different ways you can get involved if you're feeling saucy. Remember, if you want to contribute, contact me at and we will talk.


1. Been to a conference recently? Guest blog! If you went to a writers' conference recently and took notes on a great session that had to do with queries, proposal, synopses, platform, submissions, etc., then why not write about it and share what you learned?

2. Contribute a "How I Got My Agent" column.
Do you have an amusing story about snagging a literary agent? Share it with other writers. Click on "How I Got My Agent" on the left to see all posted examples.

3. Help to contribute a "Successful Query" column. If you got a literary agent with a query, this recurring column examines successful queries with some thoughts from the agent on why the letter worked. Click on "Successful Queries" on the left to see all posted examples.

4. Subscribe to the blog's RSS feed. If you want to be notified by e-mail of when posts are added, simply put your email in the empty box on the upper left hand corner of the home page.

5. Add me to your blogroll! I always appreciate hits from readers :-)