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ForbesBooks: Market Spotlight

For this week’s market spotlight, we look at ForbesBooks, the book publishing arm of Forbes Media searching for industry and thought leaders.
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For this week’s market spotlight, we look at ForbesBooks, the book publishing arm of Forbes Media searching for industry and thought leaders.

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ForbesBooks: Market Spotlight

Launched in 2016, ForbesBooks is the book publishing arm of Forbes Media and Forbes magazine. As such, ForbesBooks searches for business and industry leaders who write on topics that would appeal to readers of Forbes magazine.

The editors say, "ForbesBooks Authors comprise an elite community of industry professionals and thought leaders—limited to those who qualify and meet specific criteria."

(Author Spotlight With ForbesBooks Author Bill Higgs.)

The criteria include being an already established expert in your field, an already proactive marketer, and more. So while prospective authors do not need a literary agent to submit, they should have experience and an established platform.

What They're Looking For: ForbesBooks lists four main criteria for prospective authors: content that appeals to Forbes' global audience; high-quality content typical of Forbes magazine and; author credentials that meet standards of Forbes Media, meaning industry and thought leaders; and proactive marketers who speak and interact with media regularly.

The editors say, "ForbesBooks Authors are ambassadors of the Forbes brand. ForbesBooks is searching for authors that proactively use their book in their business, are highly visible, speak and are expert sources to the media."

Their online submission form includes asks prospective writers to provide a biographical sketch; description of their business; select an industry from a list of 30+, including Finance/Legal, Wealth Management, Real Estate Agents, Executive Coaching, and more; and to share the annual revenue of your business, starting at "Under $2m" and going up to "$100m+."

How to Submit: The editors prefer potential writers submit via their online contact form.

Click here to learn more and submit.

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