Footnotes: 5 Articles on Writing Picture Books

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"You have to write whichever book it
is that wants to be written." ~ Madeleine L'Engle

Footnotes is a recurring series on the GLA blog where I pick a subject and provide several interesting articles on said topic. This week, I’m serving up five articles on writing picture books.

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1. Ten Myths about writing for kids. Do you know what they are? Check out the list on the Hogwarts Professor blog.

2. Picturebooks vs. Novels.Agent Michael Stearns discusses the uniqueness of representing picture books versus other genres.

3. Saying a lot with a little.Thus is the fine art of writing a picture book.

4. Three times a charm. Author Pam Calvert discusses the Law of Three and other tips for writing humorous picture books on her blog Woven with Pixie Dust.

5. Writing a picture book? Check out these 20 Do’s and Don’ts from Author Mem Fox.

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This guest series by writer
Nancy Parish, who runs her
blog, The Sound and Furry.

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