Footnotes: 5 Articles on Knowing When to Submit

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"The most valuable of talents is that of never
using two words when one will do."
- Thomas Jefferson

Footnotesis a recurring series
on the GLA blog where I pick a subject and provide several interesting
articles on said topic. This week, I’m serving up five articles on that burning question how do you know your manuscript is ready to submit.

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1. When is a manuscript finished? Agent Mary Kole answers a blog reader’s question.

2. Just submit the dang thing.
Know when the time is right to submit your manuscript? Writer Karen Krueger gives her perspective.

3. Ready to Query? Agent Jessica Faust suggests a good edit before you touch that send button.

4. Is it soup yet?
On the Author 2 Author blog, they ponder the question: When is a manuscript ready to be submitted?

5. If you think your manuscript may have a problem—it does. Chuck Sambuchino discusses the reasons your sample pages are getting rejected.

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This guest series by writer
Nancy Parish, who runs her
blog, The Sound and Furry.

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