Exploring the Possiblities in Fiction

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Hi Writers,

Today I'm going to focus on the muse instead of the marketing, which I think, is important to do occasionally—after all, we're all writers first and foremost, right?

Working for a publisher people often ask me if I read all of the books that we publish. Now, please don't be shocked... but the truth is I do not. I can't. There are a lot of them.

Sometimes a book comes along that we publish that I do read. The same way that a book happens to come along that you find in a bookstore, or library, or someone gives to you that really speaks to you. Alone With All That Could Happen by David Jauss is that sort of book.

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This book is a writing book that is so different and enjoyable that I couldn't help spending some time with it. The book challenges conventional thinking about the craft of writing going so far as to suggest that the "write what you know" adage we've all heard before is not necessarily the best course. The book challenges you to start with from a place you know but to explore things you don't, making your writing process a journey of self-discovery.

This is an introspective writing book. One that makes you feel like a writer just by reading it. Each chapter of the book is an essay upon one aspect of the craft. You'll explore writing other lives than your own, play with different points of view, explore using syntax and rhythm to create a "soundtrack" for your story, and learn what makes a successful epiphany. As it's title suggests, Alone With All That Could Happen is about exploring the boundless possibilities that fiction allows us to write.

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Visit the author's website www.davidjauss.com