Everything You Need To Get Started Writing Whether It Be Fiction or Nonfiction

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Everything you need to get started writing, whether it be fiction, nonfiction, novels, articles, essays or short stories, can be found in our newWriter's Digest Getting Started in Writing Premium Bundle. This assortment includes 6 products that will help you learn how to take your first steps in crafting novels and short stories, or even producing nonfiction work on a freelance basis. The kit will only be
available in January and there are only 100 kits. As of this posting, less than half are currently available. Read below to see the details of the kit, and you can buy it here.

Original Price: $474.95. Bundle price: $139.99 (over 70% off).

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The kit includes:

  1. (NEW!) Getting Started in Writing Independent Study Course, a complete course of independent study from Writer's Digest University that focuses on how to get started writing.
  2. First Draft in 30 Days and From First Draft to Finished Novel, two books that show you how to take your great idea from first page to finished manuscript.
  3. Keys to Great Writing, a classic Writer's Digest book that details the key elements found in superior writing and how to master them yourself.
  4. Writing Basics, a special issue of Writer's Digest magazine, perfect for beginning fiction and nonfiction writers.
  5. Writer's Digest Weekly Planner, a special product that works as a daily organize, a journal and an essential how-to writing resource all in one.
  6. Access to "Your Very First Page," an online webinar available for download on demand!

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