Building Community

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Hi Everyone,

I've been reading all the wonderful comments that have been posted here at the M-Word and I must say that I'm very encouraged. I'm glad that writers are finding my ideas helpful. I'm even more inspired to share my thoughts and I encourage you to do the same.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, marketing is about communication. By posting your ideas and opinions in a constructive manner to message boards, blogs, and participating in social networks, you're bound to make some great connections. Plus, you'll get plenty of advice and news along the way.

Sharing information is a great way to market your work, and the internet is about community. Your advice and experiences are assets. Share them liberally.

There was a great comment from Elaine Klonicki added to my April 29 post about public speaking. Elaine advises working with libraries with a "Friends of the Library" group is a great way to set up speaking engagements and that such groups are great about spreading the word about events through newsletters and local advertising. Thanks for the great tip Elaine!

Thanks to everyone for your comments. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you. By the way, if you aren't already a part of the Writer's Digest message board, you should check it out here.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck with your writing and promoting.