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Beware Anxious Agents: Part 2

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After browsing through some more Writer Beware blog posts, I got to thinking more about my previous advice to "beware anxious agents." In a previous post, I talked about how agents seldom take on new clients, so writers should approach overly enthusiastic reps with extreme caution. I mentioned that any agency who advertises, especially, is a big fat scam.

But there's more, my friends. Make sure you run away from any agency that directly solicits you or that uses testimonials. Let's think about this: How ridiculous is it to use a testimonial? "Randy McMasters sold my book for big bucks! He's awesome!"

You know who uses testimonials? Freelance editors and script doctors - because they want your money. Legitimate agents never charge upfront fees, so an agency posting a testimonial on their blog or Web site is loony; nay, it's inconceivable.