Band Soap Opera: I'm Thinking About Just Showing Up to a Gig When my Old Originals Band Reunites; Wife Calls Idea 'Horrendously Awful'

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To summarize my last band-related post, I was very surprised to see that my old Cincinnati-based originals band was reforming after several years. I was a senior in college when the band was together, but don't let that fool you. All the other dudes in the band were older, experienced city rockers - complete with tattoos and long hair and scruff on their chin. We were pretty decent and made a nice little run before I had it out with the lead singer and quit. We ended on a very sour note, and when they contacted me later asking me to come back, I said "Never again."

And here we are, years later, time healing all wounds, and the old band is reuniting a la Blues Brothers, but without the mission from God or sunglasses.. One part of me is like "Pssh - whatever"; and one part of me is like "But I liked those songs and darn it, I want a reunion tour, albeit a pathetically small one." Naturally, my wife is siding with the former rather than the latter.

As of now, my grand plan is to just show up to a gig with my trombone and keyboard in my hands and just see what happens. If anyone has a story about an old band getting back together for a fantastic yet fantastically small reunion show//tour, I want to hear about it. Did tempers flare?

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Me playing guitar on the left.
All of 21 years old.


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