Announcing the Writer’s Market 2020!

Writer’s Market editor Robert Lee Brewer announces the Writer’s Market 2020, including what’s included in the 99th annual edition of the most trusted guide to getting published.

Yesterday, I received a copy of Writer’s Market 2020 in the mail, and I still feel as excited about holding the latest edition now as I did when I held my first edition as an editor. I think it’s because I know each new edition leads to so many new success stories.

I thought about crafting a post that covered all the unique features and reasons to buy, but then, I re-read my “From the Editor,” and decided it does all that already. So without further ado, here’s my note:

Believe it or not, this is my 20th edition working on Writer’s Market, which seems kind of impossible since it feels like just yesterday that I purchased my first copy of the book…in 1996! But I guess that’s how time works.

So much has changed in the publishing industry over the past two decades, but so much has also stayed the same. For instance, Writer’s Market is still devoted to the same goal it had when I started: Help writers get published and get paid for their writing. That’s what this book has always been about, and this edition is no different.

Inside this book, you’ll find the ever popular “How Much Should I Charge?” freelance pay rate chart. You’ll also find a brand new list of “20 Literary Agents” actively searching for writers and their writing. But most importantly, you’ll find thousands of listings for literary agents, consumer magazines, trade journals, book publishers, contests, and more!

Our goal has remained the same, because we know your goal has remained the same, even if the platforms, the submission methods, trends, and fads have all evolved: It’s always been about getting published and getting paid for what you write. So let’s keep changing and staying the same.

Until next we meet, keep writing and marketing what you write.

Robert Lee Brewer, Senior Editor

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[Note on the publisher: As some of you may already know, Writer’s Digest’s former parent company, F+W Media, was auctioned off as part of bankruptcy proceedings in 2019. Penguin Random House LLC acquired the Writer’s Digest Books brand, including the Market Books and, while Active Interest Media acquired everything else branded as Writer’s Digest, including the magazine, conferences, contests, online education,, and more. So while we’re still excited about the Writer’s Digest Books brand, we do want to clarify that we’re now owned by separate entities.]