Agent Pet Peeves (2009 GLA Article Excerpt)

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I don't why I didn't post this earlier (probably because sickness and the LA conference have dominated my attention)...

Anyway, I have officially wrapped up all editing on the 2009 Guide to Literary Agents. It's over. Finally. Done. (I. Love. Using. Periods.) To celebrate, I thought I'd post an excerpt from one of the forthcoming upfront articles.

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2009 Article Excerpt:

Agent Katharine Sands of the Sarah
Jane Freymann Literary Agency talks
about agent pet peeves.

"...We see a lot of channeled and cosmic-inspired material. Hey, maybe your spirit guides did select the agency, but all forms of faith are a matter between you and your god, not you and your agent. (Besides, how do I know my spirit guides are simpatico with yours?) Connection with the divine is best left to the heavens and out of your pitch.
"Red flags wave when a writer starts to huff and puff for any reason. Always behave professionally. Remember that how you interact is an important indicator of how you will work with your publisher..."

- "Agents' Pet Peeves: Avoid These Peeves and Get Your Work Read" (page 71)

WhileGuide to Literary Agentsis best known for its large and detailed list of literary agencies, every edition has plenty of informational articles and interviews designed to help writers perfect their craft and contact agents wisely. The 2009 edition is no different, with more than 80 pages of articles addressing numerous writing and publishing topics.