Absolute Write Talks With Agent Ken Atchity

Absolute Write sat down with Dr. Ken Atchity, principal of AEI: Atchity Editorial/Entertainment International, Inc. His agency handles both screenplays and literary works.
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I stumbled across a great interview today. Absolute Write sat down with Dr. Ken Atchity, principal of AEI: Atchity Editorial/Entertainment International, Inc. His agency handles both screenplays and literary works.

Interview excerpt:

AW: At AEI, are you more likely to sign an author whose work can be easily adapted to the screen? Also, what are some ways of recognizing whether a book has film potential?

KA: Yes, our favorite client is someone whose writing works for both publishing and the screen. A book has film potential if it's written following the laws of drama - which will also make it a better, more readable book.

AW: You've mentioned that AEI receives roughly 15,000 submissions a year and accepts about 50 of them. What specifically about your selections stand out to you?

KA: What stands out is a clearly marketable concept - "high concept," if possible - that is as well executed as it is well conceived.

See the entire interview here!

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