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Getting published isn't easy—it's hard. The key is to put your energy in the right places in order to give yourself the best shot at landing a book deal. But where to begin? Let us help.
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Getting published isn't easy—it's hard. The key is to put your energy in the right places in order to give yourself the best shot at landing a book deal. But where to begin?

That's why we've has put together this special collection of resources that give you nearly everything you need to know when trying to sell your book. From writing an eye-catching query letter to formatting your manuscript correctly to finding agents and publishers looking for your type of manuscript, this collection has it all.

This bundle of goodies typically sells for $595.94, but for a limited time, we've slashed that price to $79.


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Here's Everything It includes:

  • Writing Your Query Letter & Novel Proposal (Independent Study Workshop): Crafting the perfect query and novel proposal can be a challenge. Let this independent study workshop teach you to write queries with slant, clarity and impact. Gain better understanding of ways to showcase your novel or nonfiction book's assets and qualities. Plus discover how to develop the perfect proposal package that will capture the attention of your target editors and agents. (Retail: $275.00)
  • Query Letter Critique (Critique Service): Whether you are an experienced writer looking to improve the elements within your query letter or a new writer looking for pointers on to write a query letter, 2nd Draft Query Letter Critique Service provides the advice and feedback you need to improve your query letter. (Retail: $39.99)
  • 2013 Writer's Market (Paperback Book): If your goal to get paid to write and see your work published in print or online, then the 2013 Writer’s Market is the perfect resource for you. Not only does it provide you with writing advice from industry pros, but it also gives you access to contact information for literary agents, book publishers, editors of trade and consumer publications, and writing contests! (Retail: $29.99)
  • 6-month Subscription (Online Subscription): Search more than 8,000 listings for book publishers, magazines, contests, literary agents, greeting card publishers, screenwriting markets, playwriting markets, conferences, newspapers, online publications, syndicates, and organizations. Plus, organize your favorite publishing opportunities in personalized folders and stay abreast of the latest publishing news. (Retail: $24.99)
  • Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript (eBook PDF): Are you ready to submit your work to an agent, editor, or producer? Let Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript guide you through writing, formatting, and submitting your query! Featuring more than 100 example query letters, proposals, and synopses, the 3rd edition of Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript gives you more detailed and concrete instruction than ever before!This new edition features expanded instruction for e-mail submissions, updated formatting and submitting guidelines, insider tips from agents and editors, and much more. (Retail: $22.99)
  • Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters(eBook PDF): A good query letter sent to the right editor not only increases your chances of a sale, but is also the most effective way to pre-sell an idea. This comprehensive guide to query letters gives you essential writing advice and the tools you need to craft powerfully persuasive queries that connect with editors and agents. It answers commonly asked questions, such as, What is a query letter? What does a query letter format look like? How do I send an agent a query letter? You'll learn how to write a query letter; how to recognize, develop, target, and pre-sell ideas; hook an editor with a tantalizing lead; and sell yourself as the writer for the subject. With dozens of sample query letters, this guide is a must-have for every writer's bookshelf. (Retail: $14.99)
  • Identify the Right Markets for Your Work(OnDemand Webinar): Learn how to research markets for your work, and find one that matches your style. Get tips from editors in the industry as well as published writers for tips on uncovering markets that really fit and see how to use each published piece as a stepping stone for pushing your career even further. For writers of all genres, including short stories, novels, articles, personal essays, and poetry. (Retail: $79.00)
  • How to Land a Literary Agent(OnDemand Webinar): Learn how to identify, research and contact the right agents to represent your work in this exclusive presentation from Chuck Sambuchino, editor of the best-selling book Guide to Literary Agents. (Retail: $99.00)
  • Get an Agent Digital Edition (Magazine Download): Learn what an agent does – from glad-handling editors to negotiating contract details in this special edition of Writer’s Digest. You’ll also discover tips for polishing your manuscript, how not to start your book and more! (Retail: $9.99)
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