Your Favorite TV Show Character Leaps to A Different Show

Take your favorite TV show character of all time and put him or her into a different show that you enjoy. The character should be surprised to be in unfamiliar territory, but should interact with the other characters and, if possible, help them solve a problem. You can make up a scene or insert the character into an already existing scene from that show. It’s all up to you.

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.


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97 thoughts on “Your Favorite TV Show Character Leaps to A Different Show

  1. reynac

    Scene from Good Times ‘A Matter of Mothers. Cookie and Lucious from my favorite show Empire enter as Lenela, Penny’s mom, is about to burn Penny with the iron…

    Penny: “No, momma no!”
    Lenela *hot iron in hand heading towards Penny*: “Millicent Penny Gordon, if you don’t come here….”
    Cookie *kicking in the door*: “LENELA!!! I WISH YOU WOULD!!!”
    Lenela *spinning around in surprise*: “What are you doing here?!!!”
    Cookie: “I told you if you EVER touch her again it would be your last time!!”
    Penny *sobbing and scared*: “Please, Cookie, don’t hurt my momma. Please!!”
    Cookie *feeling deeply torn by Penny’s plea*: “I really don’t want to hurt your momma, precious, but I won’t let her hurt you anymore.”
    Lenela *placing the the iron down on the kitchen table*: “Penny, baby, come here to your momma.”
    Cookie: “Penny, no sweetheart, come to me. Come to Cookie, baby. We’re going to get you out of here for good.”
    Lenela: “Penny! Don’t you dare…”
    Penny *sobbing*: “Stop it, stop it, stop it!!! You’re both scaring me!!”
    Lenela *running towards Penny*: “I said get over…”
    Before she could reach her Cookie comes from behind and snatches Lenela by the shirt pulling her back onto the floor. The two tussle hard trying to overpower one another. Penny is heard screaming in the corner. Just then Lucious comes in and breaks up the fight.
    Lucious: “What’s going on in here?!!”
    Lenela *huffing and puffing still trying to attach Cookie*: “She’s trying to take my baby away from me!!”
    Cookie *equally trying to strike Lenela back*: “I told her if she hurt Penny one more time I was going to get her!!!”
    Lucious *looking towards Lenela*: “Ladies, ladies, this is not the way to resolve anything!! You’re sisters for goodness sake!! Penny needs a nurturing home with a loving parent, Lenela. And, Cookie, I know how much you love Penny but this is not your place. We have to respect Lenela’s authority as this is her home and her child…”
    Lenela: “EXACTLY!!”
    Lucious: “Lenela, I’m not finished. You need help. Raising a child does not mean abusing a child. Let us help you with Penny. Let us help you get help for yourself. You don’t have to do this alone.”

  2. Pena360

    “Hell if I know, I set it to random. Good luck though and try to make it back before dinner, I’d rather not take the time to make a robot to replace you”

    Rick gives Morty one final good shove and into the portal he has disappeared. The moment Morty is sent through the portal the green hole on the door immediately shrinks out of existence. Somewhere at that exact time Morty falls out a new formed portal floating in the air in what appears to be a forest. Morty all in a rush picks himself up off the ground and pulls out the portal gun aims it at a nearbt tree and shoots, nothing happened. Continuing to try and open a portal he begins to panic seeing that nothing is happening. Suddenly stopping, Morty pulls the portal gun close to his face for him to check the settings. On screen it displays “Disabled for one hour”, the face of being annoyed and tired come across Mortys own.

    “Wow Rick way to be an a**hole and actually go through with this.”

    Unknowingly the whole time since Morty arrived in this place, behind him a orange fox wearing a blue bandanna mask and gloves closes in on him. In one quick swift motion the orange fox swipes the portal gun out of Morty’s grasp, and into his glove wearing own. Morty quickly turns around to see what appears to be an orange blur scurrying into bushes off in the distance.

    “Son of a b****! W-w-what the hell was that?! Ah man I’m totally screwed if I don’t get the portal gun back fro whatever that was.”

    Morty makes a break for the bushes he saw the figure head into, but to no avail there’s nothing in sight past the bushes. Running in the forest for what seems like forever, Morty finally sees something besides grass and trees. Still running as fast as he can he is able to make out a clearing with what appears to be two people walking in the middle of it. Morty appears out of the green and into this clearing to see that instead of two people it is actually a monkey wearing red boots, and a small Mexican child with a pink shirt, orange shorts and a purple backpack.

    “Hey have you two seen some orange like person thing run through here carrying something that is glowing green?”

    The child and monkey look at each other before turning to face a black wall that has come out of thin air.

    “Do you think he is talking about Swiper?”

    *Morty turns to the black wall in total shock* “What the F*** is that?! W-w-who are you?!”

    “We think so too!” *the pair turn to face Morty now* “I’m Dora and this is boots, we think you are talking about Swiper the fox, did he take something from you”

  3. Julia Tello

    It all happened in New York City. Detective Danny Regan is call to a police activity. Detective Regan shows up to investigate a police shooting. Him and his of all times partner are at the crime scene. Out of no where this man shows up asking and trying to start an investigation. This man acts like if he owns the entire scene. Detective Danny, with his very peculiar attitude asks this man, “what do you think you are doing trying to get in the middle of my investigation and who are you”. The man which has an very special attitude of his own, responds. I am detective Hatch, agent of the FBI, and this is one of the criminal cases I am following. Detective Regan, stands up in front of Detective Hatch and argues about who’s case this is, as well as Detective Hatch. Other member of both squats talk to them and make them understand that the important thing is to solve this crime and not who is over who and who’s case this belongs to. Both detectives worked together and arrested the person that was involve in the crime. It is a great accomplishment when two great detective unite their talents to make this world great.

  4. Kimba

    Rick from the walking dead was just about the shoot Negan when he was double crossed yet again. Just when everyone thought they had lost the battle, In walks a beautiful Black woman dress in heels and a gold dress with a split on the right leg. She walks up to Negan holding a gun in her right hand and say,” It’s time for yo leather jacket wearing in the summertime a** to die. Pop. One bullet to the head. Even the walkers stopped and looked her way. Darrel stands up and says.” where the h*** did you come from. As she wipes off her gun she says,’ H***, I don’t know but I’ve been watching this show for a while now and it’s time for a new villain. Hi My name is Cookie Lions (Empire). Don’t worry you’ll remember me honey.,Cause I’m unforgettable.

  5. sachit.upadhyaya

    Gunshots in the background.
    Jack Bauer: Cloey, I need the semantics now!
    Bart Simpson: What!? Who is this?
    Jack: This is Jack Bauer, Who the hell are you!?
    Bart: Ahh… I’m “Ahmed Adoody.”
    Jack: Cloey, find all you can about Ahmed Adoody. Does anyone there know Ahmed Adoody?
    Cloey: Ahmed Adoody; A wealthy Saudi financier, disappeared to Afganistan in the late 90’s.
    Jack: Really!
    Cloey: No Jack! it’s a joke name. You are being set up.
    Jack: Dammit!!
    Bart: Laughs hysterically.

  6. H.Santos

    “Excuse me sir, who are you?”, as a tall blonde with blue eyes looked at him with curiosity.
    “No, the question is, ‘Who are you? And where in the world am I?'”
    “I am the Sheriff of Storybrooke, and people call me Sheriff around here. So what is your name?”
    He looked around, and loudly said, “I am George Lopez”. The Sheriff looked at him with confusion and tried to remember if she knew him or not. She softly said, “you are going to have to leave, this place here is special and we do not accept outsiders.” George made a face that looked as if she said something hilarious, “I am not going anywhere, why should I have to leave? This is America!” Emma, the Sheriff looked at him and smiled, “this place is not what you’re expecting, it is literally a fairy tale town”, “explain to me how that is, lady?”, George asked out of confusion. “This place is 28 years old, and filled with not your typical people. We have a Princess, Prince Charming, The Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, and Little Red Riding Hood. They are all disguised as normal people, but they do not accept outsiders.” George Lopez was very frightened to hear about what the town is actually about, he quickly got into a purple taxi and went on home. No one believed Mr. Lopez when he tried to explain the town he was in, but he knew it was magical.

  7. lionwarrior

    Jack’s eyes flutter open as he stares up to the sky and realizes right away that he is lying flat on his back. He is momentarily paralyzed when a yellow Labrador comes to lick his face to help to wake him from his daze. He looks around to see that he is lying in a thicket of bamboo trees. Jack forces himself to stand and fight the pain that he is feeling throughout his body. He stumbles through the trees as he hears loud noises and screaming in the distance. Against his better judgement he follows the raucous and comes to find himself on a beach, a plane split in half with the engine still running. It hits him suddenly that he has just survived a plane crash and all the people screaming on the beach are his fellow passengers.
    “Oh boy!” Jack says as he reluctantly leaps into action to save the passengers that he can. Here a pregnant young blond is about to get sucked in to the still running turbine. He gets her out of harm’s way, but some poor dazed and confused bastard behind him doesn’t see the turbine and gets sucked in and spit out the other end in vapors of blood and bone. Chaos ensues throughout the beach until all of the survivors help each other to safety, Jack being the hero of the day considering everything that has happened in the last twelve hours.
    This doomed flight started in Sydney and now he sits here stitching himself up while the survivors are on the beach try and take in the scope of their situation. The sting in Jack’s side is a result of a nice gash, definitely requiring stitches.
    “Al?” Jack asks as he winces in pain.
    Al shows up out of nowhere as if a door opens up in the space-time continuum. He holds a hand held computer while smoking a nice fat cigar. He is wearing shiny futuristic clothing that doesn’t match the style of this day. He sees Jack and rushes to try and help him.
    “Where am I Al?”
    “According to Ziggy, you’re Lost, she can’t seem to find you at the moment. But you are here to help a kid named Charlie, he meets his demise in an underwater accident.”
    “Did you see what I just went through Al?” Sam says as he puts the needle through his wound.
    “You have to save Charlie, he’s supposed to raise some baby named Aaron, who will grow up and develop a vaccine to cure a flesh eating virus.”
    Just then a curly haired beauty stumbles upon him still in shock from the ordeal they just went through on the beach.
    “Who are you talking to?” She asks
    “Nobody, just trying to get this thing stitched up.” Jack says
    “Do you need my help?”
    “Please! Take this and pour it on the wound, it will help to sanitize it.” The girl takes the small bottle of alcohol and pours it over the wound as Jack tries to hold in his scream of pain.
    “Now, like you’re sewing, just close the wound. Don’t hold back, I’ll feel the pain anyway.”
    The girl sews the wound as best she can all the while Jack is in pain.
    “I’m Kate” she says trying to break the tension
    “Sam Beck…sorry Jack Shepard.”

  8. cl91

    Dr. Smith woke up to what sounded like a little girl crying….
    He looked around and looked again….He was sleeping in a bed much like the one he slept in when he was on earth. The room was bright and cheery….this was definitely not the Jupiter 2.

    After getting dressed he slowly crept out of the room into a hallway, ‘Oh woe is me…..where am I and where is that insufferable robot. Will Robinson, what you done this time.’

    “Excuse me, Sir?” It was a little girl. She had blond hair in pig tails and red eyes from crying.
    “Who are you?” She looked up at him.

    “Who are you? That’s the real question.”

    “I’m Cindy Brady.”

    “Why are you crying. Are you lost?”

    She looked to be about seven, “No, I’m not lost. That’s silly. This is my house. I lost my doll, Kitty Carryall and I can’t find her. Where did you come from?”

    “That’s for me to know and me to find out, now take me to your mother or father.”

    “Okay, but they aren’t here. Only Alice is here.”

    Smith had a funny look on his face, “Alice in Wonderland?”

    She giggled, “You’re funny.”

    “Oh, the pain. I just need to get home.”

    As they rounded a corner Alice was carrying a basket of laundry and bumped into Mr. Smith, spilling clothes everywhere. She screamed.
    “Cindy, who is this?”

    “I don’t know, Alice. He was just here and wanted me to take him to mommy or daddy, but I told him you are the only one home.”

    “Mr. Smith, at your service, Madam.”

    Alice snorted as she picked up blue jeans, “Kindly give me a hand here since you caused me to drop my basket.”

    Smith obliged.

    Alice and Smith put jeans back into the basket, “Who are you and why are you wearing such funny clothes?”

    “Dr. Zachary Smith, at your service, Madam.”

    “Did the Brady’s hire a butler?”

    “Oh, the pain…..I’m no butler! I just woke up and here I was.”

    “Oh sure, you expect me to believe that?”

    “Believe what you will, Madam. I just need to get home.”

    “Okay, where exactly is home.”
    “It’s out there….” And he pointed up into space…..

    1. jhowe

      I’ve found the most innocent of words can cause a story to be blocked. They put some kind of spam filter on that gets triggered quite easily. Words like s*xy, c*cktail, p*ssywillow, etc. will trip it up. And of course the standard S word. You can’t even say, “She c*cked the revolver.” It’s crazy.

  9. igonzales81

    The strange shimmer faded, the profound sense of dislocation ended, and Mal found himself facing a roomful of strangers.

    “Well, what have we here,” he whispered, more to himself than to any of the bizarre cast of characters he now faced.

    “Uh, Geordi,” said a tall man in a onesie, his bald pate reflecting the bright lights. “Weren’t we supposed to be beaming the Vulcan ambassador aboard?”

    “I don’t understand it, Captain,” replied a man wearing the spiffiest shades Mal had seen in a dog’s age. “The signal was strong and the coordinates were set, but…”

    “Security detail to transporter room one.” This came from another looming figure, this one bearded and with something of a thick-witted look about him.

    “Now hold it right there, folks,” Mal said, cutting through the chatter. “I didn’t get up this morning fixing to find myself in terra incognita, and if you’d all explain what this is about, why, I’d be much obliged.”

    “He appears to be human, Captain,” an incredibly pale man with yellow eyes was holding up some doohickey and fiddling with it. “Though I am unfamiliar with his dress or his particular dialect.”

    Mal glanced down at his clothes, relieved to find he was still wearing his brown duster. “What’s wrong with my clothes? Got a problem with the color?”

    Just then the doors slid open and a mess of people hurried in, led by a fella whose head seemed to have seen some unlovely attention from God. All of them carried what had to be a form of weapon, and all had ‘em aimed straight at Mal.

    He responded in the only way that seemed neighborly to him. “I’d appreciate it mightily if you trained those firearms someplace else,” he said, casually as possible resting a hand on his own piece.

    “Please remain calm,” said the old guy, his tone placating. “We’re trying to determine how you arrived here. You see, we activated our transporter—”

    “You ain’t making a ton of sense to me, mister,” Mal cut him off. “But if you know what you did to get me here, I reckon doin’ it again might get me back. And in a hurry too; I don’t like leaving my ship with Jayne still aboard her.”
    The old man blinked, turned to look at Shades. “You know, Geodi, that might be worth a try.”

    “Aye, Captain,” Shades replied, shrugging and raising his eyebrows. “Reversing transporter beam.”

    The shimmer started again, and the room disappeared around Mal. In a second, he found himself someplace else.

    Only it still wasn’t where he was supposed to be. He stood on a strange planet, with oddly monochromatic chunks of rock sticking out of the unnaturally flat ground, all of it under a sky that only seemed to come in one color.

    “Now where in the…”

    Suddenly, the oddest contraption he’d ever seen rolled into sight, looking like a light bulb on treads, only sever orders of magnitude too large. “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!” the thing bellowed.

    Mal once again set a hand on his gun. “You got that right, mister.”

    1. jhowe

      I agree with A.S.P., though I’m not sure who Mal is. But it didn’t matter because you established his character nicely. In fact, all the characters were done well. The robot from Lost in Space was a great touch.

      1. Wanderingirl

        Mal from Firefly! Only one of the best shows to grace us, ever. 😉

        I loved this piece! It truly could have been an episode of either show (:

  10. jhowe

    Uncle Jed shook his head as Granny chased the new guy with a cast iron frying pan. Grease from the recently fried possum dripped from the pan, staining the brick pavers of the drive. Thomas Magnum ran to Uncle Jed.

    “That woman’s crazy,” Magnum said, his mustache quivering with fear.

    “Oh, she’s harmless enough, if you commence to staying out of her reach.”

    Granny skidded to a halt and raised the pan. Jed stayed her arm. “Now, Granny,” he said, ”That’s no way to treat a guest.”

    “Guest!” she bellowed. “He threw a perfectly good possum out the window. And he didn’t even taste it.”

    “Now, young fella, that’s not very neighborly.”

    “She tried to get me to eat rodent. What’s wrong with you people?”

    Jed’s eyes narrowed and he let go of Granny’s arm. Ellie May walked out of the house.

    “He’s cute Pa, can I keep him?” Uncle Jed raised his eyebrows, contemplating the thought.

    “You have enough critters as it is, now get back in the house.” Magnum watched, a wry smile on his face.

    “But Pa, I’ll feed him and take good care of him.”

    “Ok, you can keep him, but only til we figure out how he got here and why he wears shirts with flowers on them.”

    Ellie May led Magnum into the house. “I got me a new fella now. C’mon in, it’s time for your bath.”

    Granny watched and approached Jed. “Have Jethro bring the truck around. We gotta go out to find us some more road kill. Looks like we might be planning a wedding soon.”

    1. Tysheena Jackson

      I’m part of the Millennial generation yet my parents had enough sense to show my siblings and I these wonderful classics when I was growing up. What a great mash-up!

  11. Tysheena Jackson

    (I apologize in advance for how badly written and off this is. I don’t have a favorite tv show character but all of these came close.)

    “Who are you?”

    The teenager winced. “Who am I? The real question is who are you? And how did you get in my house?”

    The kid with the baseball cap said, “Wait– this is your house?”

    The teenager gave a defiant nod. “Yes. In fact it is. Now back to you three. Are your parents staying at the motel, or–”

    “Maybe he’ll know where Eleven is?” the only black kid whispered amongst his friends. He then gave the older boy a once over and squared his shoulders. “Have you seen a girl– only she probably won’t look like a girl because her head is shaved– but she’s about this tall, white and looks like she’ll want to kick your a—”

    He was cut off by the third one of the bunch, who up until that moment, had been staring at the numerous family photos hanging along the walls of the living room. He looked like the sensible one. “Lucas. I’ll handle it.” The boy with the dark, shaggy hair and pointy nose stepped forward. “Hi, I’m Mike. And these are my friends Dustin and Lucas.”

    The annoyed teenager looked down at the outstretched hand in front of him, and hesitated. “Norman. Norman Bates.”

    “Norman,” Mike continued, letting his dangling hand fall back to his side. “Cool house you’ve got here. It’s very…”

    “Homely,” Norman said, admiring the establishment that both he and his late mother built together. “I know. You should have seen it before, it was completely lifeless. But when my son and I got ahold of it—”

    “Wait. Your son?”

    Norman shook out of the reverie he was in. “Did I say son? I meant mother. My mother and I fixed the place up.”

    Lucas piped up. “I was thinking more along the lines of creepy and sinister but homely works too!”

    The snort that came from the chubby one made Norman scowl in a dissatisfied fashion. The kid quickly apologized though the remnants of a smirk remained on his lips.

    “Look,” Mike continued. “We don’t mean to bother you. Nor did we intend to break into your, uh, lovely establishment here, but we’re looking for our friend. She went missing about a week ago and while we were fidgeting with one of our walkie-talkies,” he reached into his backpack and pulled out a retro looking walkie-talkie, “see, something happened– something strange– that brought us here to the future. We woke up in a field of grass not too far from here and decided to walk North when this nice, old lady gave us a ride up here.”

    “She was a sweet old lady,” said Lucas.

    “Yeah!” Dustin agreed. “And her car smelled like cinnamon and butterscotch candy.”

    “So THAT’s what it was! I couldn’t put my finger on it.”

    Both Lucas and Dustin went off on a tangent and began discussing whether it was a gun they’d seen when Lucas’s knees knocked open the compartment on the dashboard.

    Mike sighed and raised his voice over his friends. “Anyway, we were wondering if you might have seen her? Our friend. Maybe she got scared and used her powers to time travel here to– well, I’m not exactly sure where we are?”

    Suddenly a voice spoke up from behind. “Guys! Guys! I think I found– oh.” Four pairs of eyes turned to the small kid standing near the entrance at the end of the kitchen. His wide brown eyes gravitated to the teenager standing in the center of the room and his mouth formed into an O.

    “Will. You said you found something. What did you find?” Mike said, making his way over to his friend.

    A long pause filled the room. Will shifted his eyes to Mike, the fear in them startling the boys in the room. “I found someone,” he whispered. “Not Eleven but…” he a threw a nervous glance at the older teenager. “A woman.”

    “A woman? Is she alive?”

    Will’s gaze dropped to the wooden floorboards beneath his feet. The head shake was slight but noticeable by everyone in the room.

    In that moment Norman Bates tensed up. He fell down to his knees and everything around him darkened, his vision blurred and he felt that same tingly sensation begin in his body again the way it always did. But when Norma Bates opened her eyes she found four young frightened faces staring back at her. “Oh no.” she whispered to herself. “ Not again… NORMAN!”

    **This is based on the current A&E show “Bates Motel” for those unfamiliar with the Norman/Norma Bates duo.

    1. jhowe

      I’m not familiar with the show, but you did a nice job writing the scene and setting up the next part, which I’m sure isn’t going to be pleasant.

      1. Kerry Charlton

        I remember standing in a line halfway around the movie house some forty years ago to see “Psycho” Talk about shock, seeing Janet Lee’s life end 15 minutes into the movie. Norman Bates brings a shiver still after all these years. Don’t turn the rocker around if you want to keep your heaert pumping. Thanks for the memories, Tysheena.

        1. Tysheena Jackson

          Poor oh poor, Marion Craine. She didn’t see it coming. Psycho will forever be one of the few carefully crafted and unique pieces of work filmmakers, writers, actors/actresses and moviegoers can draw inspiration from. No matter how many remakes are made, you can never beat a classic! 🙂

  12. rle

    This sounded soooo much better in my head…..

    “Wow, you sure have an impressive resume Agent Gibbs, but I just don’t know if you have the skill set we need up here.”

    “What do you mean?” The older man replied with a sly crooked smile. I’ve tracked down killers all over the globe. Isn’t that what you need? Someone who can find things you can’t.”

    “Well, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that in our business.”

    “Yea, tell me then, how does it work?”

    Todd Hoffman shifted in his seat and stroked his long pointy beard. “Look Agent Gibbs, I know you’re really good at what you do, but I’m not sure you could cut it on a mining claim.”

    A wide smile stretched across Jethro’s face. “You…don’t think I could cut it? Now I think that’s funny coming from a guy like you.”

    “What do you mean a guy like me?”

    Jethro leaned in close, folding his arms as he placed them on the table, then focused on the big man in the orange sweatshirt. “You always set these big goals, have these big plans and dreams, but you always seem to fall short. You claim to be a leader, but If you ask me, you’re the one who can’t cut it. In fact, maybe you should step aside and let Dave or Freddy run the outfit.”

    Todd felt heat radiating from beneath his collar, but maintained his composure, after all, he wasn’t talking to one of his lackeys. This was Leroy Jethro Gibbs. “Look, I think next year is going to be or year. We’re going to go back into Colorado and kick some serious a**.”

    Jethro’s smile widened. “Todd, We’ve all heard this same old song and dance a hundred times over, but the only thing you consistently produce are empty promises.”

    Todd pursed his lips as he seemed to consider this. “Okay Agent Gibbs, here’s the deal. I’m willing to give you a shot, but if in two weeks it isn’t working out you have to hit the road.”

    Jethro rose and looked down on Todd. “You know what, I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to work for you, I don’t think you could mine your way out of a paper sack.”

    “You mean to tell me after I caved and offered you a shot you’re just going to walk out of here, holy frick!”

    Jethro smiled. “Yea, I heard there’s some hotshot kid up in the Klondike looking for help. What’s his name? Is it Schnabel?”

      1. Kerry Charlton

        Your description of the job interview popped both images of these two talking away. One is definately a sleaze and I can picture exactly. The other is a hot shot, maybe down on his luck temporarily I can see him and feel his thoughts. Nice job rle

  13. dustymayjane

    Here is my lame attempt. I invite anyone to find a better ending as I was stuck and unable to come up with a zinger of any kind!

    The intercom crackled to life, startling Joey Tribbiani awake.

    “Doctor Romero, to the ER, STAT! Doctor Drake Romero to ER please.”

    Joey watched as the hospital staff rushed past him where he lay on the gurney in the hallway. “What the…?” Joey realized he was unclothed except for the thin backless green gown covering his front and paper booties on bare feet. As many white shoed feet squeaked past him he jumped off the gurney and ran towards the elevator while trying to keep his backside covered by the flimsy green fabric of the hospital gown. He wondered why he was in the hospital and where his friends were. They were all just at the Central Perk drinking coffee and listening to Ross drone on about some archaeological finding.

    “BING!” Chimed the elevator. As the doors slid open Joey prayed it would be empty. It was not. The man in the elevator was in a hurry and toppled over Joey while he waited eagerly to enter it. Joey held out his hand to help the white coated man up. Joey glanced at the name tag pinned to the white coat, it read Doctor Drake Romero. Two identical sets of eyes blinked in surprise.

    “Woah! You’re…you’re me!” Joey pulled his brows together and pointed at his twin in the white coat.

    Doctor Romero stood momentarily paralyzed. The intercom repeated the earlier command bringing him back to the present. “I have lives to save. Get away from me you imposter!” Saliva spat with the outburst and showered Joey’s face. The Doctor turned and ran down the hall.

    Joey was stunned but shook himself. Once inside the elevator he puzzled at the wall of buttons. Where did he intend to go? The doors closed and he saw his reflection in the shiny aluminum of the interior. He again felt the embarrassment of having only a flimsy backless gown on. He pushed the button to go to the ground floor and awaited what was to come with his hand pulling the open ends of the gown together.

    When the elevator doors slid open he found himself fully clothed and at the door of Central Perk. He joined his friends on the big orange couch. Chandler looked up from his paper in greeting. “Hey Joey.”

    With a puzzled expression, Joey asked, “Chandler do you believe in a parallel universe?”

    “Why sure Joey. In it our names are Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry, we’re actors.”

    The others chuckled at Chandler’s expected sarcasm.

    Phoebe interrupted with her own confusing manner to baffle and entertain. “I was there once. Joey you were the handsome Doctor Drake Romero, for real. You saved lives!”

    Joey’s eyes lit up and he exclaimed while shaking his finger in the air. “I was there too, just now!”

    Four voices all replied, “Oh Joey!”

    That’s when they noticed the paper booties on Joey’s feet. For once, Ross had nothing to say.

    1. Tysheena Jackson

      This was so good! I imagined the entire scene perfectly. I wish there was more, and don’t worry about the ending. I think it’s fine. For Ross, whose usually a chatterbox, to be stunned to silence says a lot!

    2. jhowe

      Nice little piece here Dusty. Your writing is really clicking this week and I liked the ending. I wouldn’t change a thing, unless you had Joey run into a nurse, and as she recovers from the crash, he could say, “How You doin’?”

      1. Kerry Charlton

        I thought it was a great story and since I have worn one of those gowns I could relate. Leave the end where it is and let the reader to decide if he wants more and he will take it from there

  14. JosephFazzone

    He was from a small town in the middle of nowhere as far as he was concerned. A lifetime ago, before the Navy, before the transfer to Hawaii, and before that three-hour tour.

    Rough weather, he’d seen. This emptiness, this quiet, this run-down town was something else. It been years, and he couldn’t even understand how he was here. No this couldn’t be, he shook his head and adjusted his white gob cap as he stared up into the sky. It was hot, and that smell reminded of the bloated carcass of boar they found by the lagoon on that hot summer’s day.

    Al’s Store the sign read. It was smashed on the floor in front of the entrance. A sturdy chair was lodged into the door handle. He wiggled it a bit. Whoever wedged it in there did an excellent job.

    Through the small portal in the door he could barely make out a silhouette in the back of the store.

    “Hey!” he yelled. “Are you alright? The door is jammed, let me get you out.”

    The figure made a strange choking gasping sound and ambled quickly knocking over an empty shelf, and dropped without a cry of pain.

    “Did you hurt yourself?” He called. He looked down and tried to wiggle it more. If he could just lift the door handle…

    The figure had reached the window, and in the dim light he could see the wretched corpse walking towards him. Flesh was hanging from its face, and there was no telling if it were a male or female. It’s teeth were cracked and it’s face had decomposed to the point that he could see more bone than flesh. The smell made him gag.

    Its bony hand shot through the small window, and reached for him, sightless eyes searching as it frantically tried to grab him.

    He screamed, and backed away. He tripped on the small step, and landed roughly on his white pants. From down the small road, he saw a group of those things shuffling towards him. Panic put his heels into flight as he ran the opposite way. More of the walking corpses were coming out.

    He ran into the trees barely escaping the reach of what was once a man, now a skeletal apparition. His was fast, that was always a blessing, and living on an island for so many years kept him fit and strong.
    He outdistanced the monsters, and as he rounded a tree, he came face to face with the hardened eyes of a black woman with a katana strapped to her back. In her hand, she held two lengths of chains each connected to a walking corpses. Their lower jaws and arms cut off. She was walking them as if they were poodles.

    “Silence!” She hissed as she roughly gripped him mouth.

    He gulped, and whimpered.

    “I will kill you myself,” she warned. She let go.

    He rubbed his jaw, but remained silent. The swarm passed by, completely oblivious of him or the dark woman with the fierce black eyes. For the longest ten minutes, he stood there in mute terror as the swarm passed by. When the last of the stragglers ever finally gone, her eyes finally let him go.

    She took note of his clean clothes and innocence in his eyes.

    “You are new here,” she said. It wasn’t a question.

    “Gilligan,” he said stretching out his hand.

    She eyed him up and down and said. “I’ll tell you my name if you last the night.”

    1. Kerry Charlton

      Holy corpse Joseph, this is frightening beyond belief. If Tina Louise is one of the walking dead, I’m going to cry. Your descriptions and how you turn words into pictures is amazing. I won’t sleep tonight and possibly tomorrow night as well.

    2. Tysheena Jackson

      WOW! This is one of those stories you just can’t shake. I bet Gilligan is wishing he was back on that island right about now. Well done!

    3. jhowe

      When I read the first paragraph and noted the ‘three hour tour,’ I thought I was in for a comedy. And then the horror scene started to unfold and it was marvelous. Well done.

  15. Kerry Charlton


    Magic Jack Brisket parked his feet on his antique desk, one hand gripped the phone and the other ran his fingers across his scalp, hoping against hope to find some hair growing there,

    “But Barbara you complained about wearing that stupid outfit any longer on ‘I Dream Of Genie.’ I thought you’d like a change of pace.”

    “Oh, you’d never think it but these guys at Skunk News are a horny bunch of meat.”

    “What’d you expect showing up to work in a silk, scoop neck top with no bra?“

    “Well, I didn’t expect them to be all over me.”

    “Never mind all that. Did you talk to President Ronald Stump about the one on one interview?”

    “I couldn’t get through to him, so I sent him a note on Skunk stationary.”

    “Geez Babs, we could have done that from here.”

    “If you don’t like it Magic, just shove it. And by the way, keep your own hands off my body from now on.”

    “Does that mean it’s over?”
    “Hah! It never started, buster, you’re dreaming in your pants.”

    “What if I get you a special position with Ronald at the White House?”

    “I’ll think about it, now get your shriveled up butt off your chair and get to work.“

    “That’s the spirit girl, now listen to my plan……….”


    One week later,

    News bulletin from Skunk News:

    ‘Unnamed Democrats accuse President Stump of rolling in the hay with mystery TV star. President’s wife reportedly on the prowl looking for the perpetrator.”

    Next day following:

    News Flash, Skunk News:

    ‘Bloomers are flying that the President has issued an executive order,. disavowing women, says he‘s sick and tired of the news media, especially Skunk News. It has been reported by an unnamed source that the President has taken Air Force One to Tibet in quest of becoming a monk.’

    The following day,

    “Correction on the monk bit from yesterday,. The President has been seen with the rumored, famous TV star in Shangri La, They were identified with their pants down in a large stand of tulips.”

    One week later’

    “Babs are you there?”

    “Of course I am idiot, I’m talking to you Jack.”

    “Well why in Hades name didn’t you return my calls?”

    “Because I’ve been busy as can be.”

    “Doing what?”

    “Classified, can’t tell you yet.”

    “I’m you agent remember, we’re buddies.”


    This may or may not be continued depending on my welfare..

    1. Kerry Charlton

      SHOVE IT
      PART TWO

      “I’m your agent remember, we’re buddies“

      Well Jack, the President and I are working with the monks on a project called MTFFAG.”


      “We‘re incorporating the monks.”

      “They agreed to that? Into a company?”

      “Yes, Monk Towers For Fun And Games.”

      “Good Lord, Babs, who talked them into it?”

      “I did, a few bumps and grinds in my old outfit. They voted me chairman of the board.”

      “Do I get a cut out of this?“

      “Of course, the President has appointed you ambassador of a country.”

      “Really, which one?”


      “Oh no it’s too cold there.”

      “Why is that a problem?.”

      “I guess it’s not, I can handle it for a short time.”

      “Jack, you’ve been appointed for eight years.”

      “Eight years? Will you come with me?”

      “Can’t do that.”

      “A visit maybe?”

      “Don’t think so.”

      “What if I refuse?”

      “You can’t.”

      “Why not?”

      “The government is grabbing your condo for back taxes.”


      1. ReathaThomasOakley

        Kerry, fun story and I get I dream of Jeannie, but I fear I’m lost with everything else, but through the years I’ve not been much of a TV watcher. Whatever it means, keep ’em coming.

        1. Kerry Charlton

          Hi Reatha. You didn’t miss anything on references. I went on a rant with half of the Democratic Party! Thank you as always for stopping by. Hope you are up to par or close. Kerry

        1. Kerry Charlton

          Thanks Joseph, I should have thrown Monty Python in. I was in a rant mood and it is a ridiculous piece of writing
          You’re too kind about thid story, but I anyway.

      2. jhowe

        Barbara Eden, you had me right there. I loved her. Well, liked her a lot, from a distance. She had a lot going for her. There’s no shame in ranting now and then, especially when you write well and can get your point across. I swear I’m going to get down to Texas one of these days and meet you somewhere, maybe Monk Towers, for a glass or two of something good.

        1. Kerry Charlton

          You got it John, there’s an Irish bar called Houlihans. The girls are bright eyed, soft and pretty and according to the musical, Oklahoma —+ “as round above as they are below. .” Come on bring your Stetson

      1. Kerry Charlton

        Thank you Tysheena, every now and then I fall off the ‘nice: wagon and go.on a rant one of my mild ones. Thanks for the nice comment and stopping by

  16. ShamelessHack

    “And what have we here?”
    “A wabbit bwaster.”
    “Can’t you see what’s in fwont of you? It’s a ware wabbit bwaster.”
    From the other side of the counter, Rick hefted the shotgun. “Looks like a plain old 30-06 to me.” He leaned over the counter and looked down at the extremely short man. “What did you say your name was?
    “Fudd. Elmer Fudd.”
    Rick inspected the gun for another few seconds.
    “We get guns in here like this all the time,” Chumley chimed in. “Why’s this one so special?”
    Elmer pointed with a stubby finger. “Wook here, on the bawwel. It’s signed by both the Warner bwothers.”
    Rick peered at the writing. “Well, you might have something here. These signatures could make the gun valuable.” He bent over the counter and looked down at Elmer again. “Do you mind if I call in an expert to have a look at this?”
    “Not in the swightest. Go ahead.”
    A few minutes later the gun expert sauntered into the store.
    “Here he is,” Corey said to Elmer. “Here’s the smart duck we were waiting for.
    “Hello there,” the gun expert turned to Elmer, sneered a smile, and twirled a six-gun in one wing. “I’m the gun ekthpert. I own a gun thtore up the block.”
    “How’s you been, Daffy?” Rick asked.
    “Jutht terrific, Rick. How’th the Old Man? OK, let’th thee this famous rifle you told me about.”
    “It’s a wabbit bwaster signed by the pwoducers,” Elmer said.
    The gun expert picked up the shotgun, aimed it Elmer, and fired. The noise was deafening, and everyone in the pawn shop froze in shock. Rick grabbed the gun from the duck and said, “Are you crazy? You could have gotten someone killed!”
    He looked over the counter at Elmer, whose head was a steaming black bowling bowl with two angry eyes glaring out of it.
    Elmer grabbed the gun from the expert, chased him over the counter around the store five times, and the two disappeared out the door.
    The Old Man shuffled out from the back.
    “What’s going on here, Rick?” he asked his son.
    Corey said, “Dad lost another sale.”
    The Old Man looked at Chumley. “You’re fired.”
    “What did I do?”

    1. jhowe

      I don’t know what’s worse, that you can write in the style of Elmer, Daffy and the Pawn Stars guys flawlessly or that I understood every convoluted word of it. Very entertaining.

      1. Kerry Charlton

        I didn’t miss a word either despite reading fast. This story is quite remarkable and makes me lonesome for the old ‘toons. You did a magnificant job on this, especially on Elmer Fudd.

  17. Pete

    I grew up privileged. An only child in a fancy house with a view of the ocean. I roamed its halls, and imagined its many empty rooms filled with brothers and sisters.

    But Dot was always there, anticipating my needs. She always knew what I wanted to eat before my stomach grumbled. She tucked me in at night. She wove stories and tales until my eyes grew heavy. She told me my father loved me very much.

    My privileged couldn’t protect me from my questions. It didn’t mean that I ever did without. I was hardly out of diapers before I knew that my dad was a big TV star, that his sitcom was viewed in millions of homes, including my own. Dot would roll the TV out and we’d watch it together. Until I asked her to stop.

    I hated sharing my father. Hearing on the news how all those kids looked up to him. “America’s Favorite Dad,” he was tapped in the magazines. Even as my mother slipped deeper into her dark corner of the house.

    As I grew older and more accustomed to the role, Dot would remind me how lucky I was. It was with her in mind that I smiled for the cameras. I held Dad’s hand in public, trying my best to keep with his long, confident strides. Airports and trains stations became stages, as flashes popped and the photographers sometimes had us board a vessel twice or three times to get the right angle. Once onboard, we were allowed our separate cabins.

    It was on vacation I realized I hardly knew this man I watched on television. He smelled of brandy, smoked cigars, and more than once called me Randy—the name of his onscreen son. My mother seemed unaware of either of us, content to hide behind sunglasses and fight the day off with prescription pills and vodka.

    I found myself missing Dot on those trips, how we played Go Fish while she cooked, listening to Motown records, trying to soak up her instructions on how to ask a girl to a dance. I more looked forward to getting home to Dot than I ever did flying off to exotic beaches with my parents.

    Dad’s show began to fizzle in year eight. The cutesy kids were pimply teenagers by then, and the rumors of my dad and his sordid affairs had zapped his appeal. Besides, he was entering his fifties then, and no longer handsome but arthritic and balding. As the innocence that began the decade gave way to war and strife in the inner cities, ratings plummeted.

    I chose my colleges carefully, choosing to go east where I hoped not to be recognized by my last name or associated with “America’s Favorite Dad.” I made new friends. We protested the war. I marched for civil rights and nearly dropped out of school because it all seemed so futile in comparison to what was happening. Dad disapproved. He made threats. I rarely came home, even on holidays. Then Dot died.

    They’d downsized. A condo in the suburbs. Garages and golf. Dad was sixty but hunched over and wilted. He looked eighty.


    He mixed a drink and turned, his confident stride now a halted shuffle. His eyes had dimmed, but he was still acting. He shook my hand—we’d never once hugged in private—forceful and determined. Yes, Dad was still on the set. Even now, in his twilight.


    We sat. Mom wasn’t feeling well. He started in about some commercials he was filming. Awards. Reunion show. We skirted around politics. The world was in flames but dammit all, he was chummy as ever. He eyed my hair, my dirty clothes. He said I’d been raised better than that. Like he knew.

    At some point, we both realized there was nothing to say. Our sitcom had been cancelled long ago. I stood up and shook his hand. I surprised him with an awkward hug. Then I went to bury an old friend.

      1. Kerry Charlton

        I agree. Pete, do you start writing with an outline in your head [which I doubt] or do you let the creative juices flow as you write. This is so inspired, I think you get help from your inner self. I was never raised priviliged, my Father saw to it. He was, and the depression almost ruined him. It’s not a good preperation for life. He told me the struggle to exist and fight his way through life, were the good times, not the privilege. I tend to agree with him. My darkest times, facing challanges, are the most appreciated.

        1. Pete

          Thanks guys, on this one it was just the first thing that popped into my head. I wrote it, then let it sit overnight and fixed it up, though not all of it because you can see all the mistakes I missed! Mostly, whatever I think of first, I go the other way. Sometimes it works and sometimes It backfires when I try to outsmart myself!

  18. jhowe

    The maniacal laughter quickly faded as The Joker realized he was out of his element. People stared, cradling their drinks, frowns upon their faces. A large man walked in and shook snow off his coat.

    “Norm!” everyone called out and the handsome bartender drew a pint and set it before the man known as Norm.

    “Hey, Sammy?” Norm said. “Why don’t hyenas get sick in this weather?”

    “I give, why?”

    “Because laughter’s the best medicine.” Groans were heard from the other patrons. The Joker rolled his eyes, his painted on smile masquerading his disdain. A mailman walked in.

    “Normy, Sammy, what gives? How bout that blizzard, eh?” He sat on a stool beside Norm and received his beer.

    The Joker eyed the door and the swirling snow through the window. He snapped his fingers but his henchmen failed to appear. He approached the bar and took a stool.

    “What’s with the getup?” the mailman said. The Joker ignored him.

    “What’ll it be, pal?” Sam said, polishing the mahogany bar top. “It’s a little past Halloween.”

    The Joker inhaled deeply, his slitted eyes staring. Where were those damn henchmen? He decided to play along.

    “Halloween, yes, a delightful holiday. I’ll have a Harvey Wallbanger, if you please.”

    “Haven’t made one of those in years. In fact, not since Wade Boggs was here with his mother in ‘81. Hell of a day, let me tell you.”

    The Joker blinked and held back a shrug. “I’ll be honest with you and admit I’m a little fuzzy as to how I got here.”

    “Confused, huh. We get that a lot here.” Sam set the drink in front of the newcomer. “Where you from?”

    “Gotham, where else?” He sipped the drink. “You haven’t by chance seen the caped crusader lurking about?”

    “The caped crusader?”

    “You know,” he said, and then with an exaggerated whisper, “Batman.”

    “I’m Batman,” a man in a shabby trench coat and knit stocking hat said from two stools down.

    The Joker tensed. Wearing one of his disguises it seemed. He was at a loss, powerless without his hired muscle. He’d have to rely on his wits.

    A woman breezed in and walked behind the bar. She was pretty but with an annoying air. “Good afternoon, gentlemen,” she said. “What a dreadful day, unless of course you’re a polar bear.”

    “You know, Dianne,” Sam said. “If you weren’t so beautiful you’d be dangerous.”

    “Well, thank you… I think.” She spotted The Joker. “I must say, that’s a very unusual make-up arrangement. Are you with the circus?”

    The Joker’s eyes darted from the woman to Batman and back again. “I’m sure you have me confused with someone else.”

    The man in the trench coat stood and pulled his cap over his ears. “Put it on my tab, Sam. Gotta get home before the Celtics game starts.”

    The Joker pulled a wad of bills from his pocket and threw a couple on the bar. The entire bar stared as he followed Batman out the door, certain he was about to finally discover the very elusive bat cave.

      1. Kerry Charlton

        So would I Cheers and Batman together, what a series and by the way your writing continues to improve. You’re beginning to leave us in the dirt. I’m going to hound you about screen writing until you do something about it. Great story here.

  19. A.S.P.

    “Excuse me, miss. Can you ple–”


    “Good lord!”

    Dodging the wet spray of germs, Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper darted into the hospital’s parting elevator doors. Inside, a nurse pressed the button for the fourth floor. He rolled his eyes.

    Good luck with whatever super-virus she just contracted by touching that bacteria ridden button.

    At the ding he darted out into the hall where a man with a weathered face and cane was mid-conversation with another nurse.

    “…symptoms of incessive fatigue and persistent fever.” The nurse said.

    “A tumor.” The doctor said with a gravelly voice. “Obviously.”

    The nurse shook her head. “MRI came back clean.”


    For their benefit, Sheldon interrupted. “If swollen lymph nodes accompanied by severe headaches are additional symptoms, I believe your patient may be suffering from the African Sleeping Sickness, which, if gone untreated could result in death.”

    He waited for their gratitude, but was met with raised brows by the nurse and a craggy scowl from the doctor. Odd.

    “Can I help you?” The doctor, who’s coat was embroidered with the name “House”, asked. Sheldon snorted a laugh. Ridiculous name for a doctor.

    “Perhaps.” He said. “This hospital is in New Jersey. Now while I subscribe to the many worlds theory in which ours is a universe amongst countless other parallels, it’s possible the bus I was on somehow delivered me into a dimension similar to mine in time and space, but not geography. A more likely explanation however is I’ve been working too late, fell asleep on the bus and simply got off on the wrong exit. So, can you tell me where I can find a bus station heading back to Pasadena, California?”

    The grizzled Dr. House simply stared at him. Experiencing a stroke?

    “I think I know where you need to go.”

    “Oh, good.”

    Exhaling his relief, Sheldon folllowed the doctor down the sterile halls. When they stopped at a pair of double doors, he frowned at the sign.

    “Psychiatric ward?” Confused, he glanced at Dr. House. “But I’m not crazy. My mother had me tested.”

      1. Kerry Charlton

        It frightens me, the story does. I’ve always worried about being locked up for no reason. This is so real to read, I need to get off the web site before someone comes for me. I did take the blotter test and passed and I know what day of the week it is, but in your story, I’d be locked up with Sheldon.

    1. Tysheena Jackson

      I was tempted to pull a Sheldon Cooper on this one but when I read your take on this, I knew that my own efforts would be nothing but a waste. Your voice was flawlessly done for both House and Cooper. I’m a bit jealous at how finely well it was written. Great job, A.S.P.!


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