Robert Hass and Philip Schultz claim the 2008 Pulitzer in Poetry

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Hass' collection Time and Materials earned him the 2007 National Book Award and now he's the recipient of the 2008 Pulitzer in Poetry. I remember reading this collection around 10 months ago--because it was the only collection of poems "buzzed" at the BookExpo America's book buzz session along with some very strong fiction and nonfiction titles--and thinking this is really a great collection. Apparently, everyone else has been thinking the same thing.

I haven't read Schultz's Failure (boy, that sounds kind of like the wrong title for a Pulitzer-winning collection, huh?), but I'm now very interested in finding a copy.

Also, Ellen Bryant Voigt's Messenger: New and Selected Poems, 1976-2006 received a Finalist nod. Btw, that collection has spent a lot of time on shortlists all year as well.

To find the full Pulitzer List, check out this link.