Day 3 Highlights

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Day 3 was all about that funny little form the haiku. Some people complained; others moaned; but everyone took a shot (or even several shots) at writing this Japanese classic. Here are some of the pieces that made me stop and ponder.


Crescent moon at dawn

frosted blossoms bowing low

to the rising light

Lorraine Hart |lorrainehartAT NOSPAMgmail dot com


Scarlet clouds

drift over the sun.

Hawks snatch their prey.

Margaret Fieland |infoAT NOSPAMmargaretfieland dot com


Soaring hawk

On a cold blue morning

A mole’s destiny

Judy Brassard |judyb144AT NOSPAMhotmail dot com


Sudden rain

Pitter-patter shore of flamenco


Zona Yi-Ping Tsou |besidelakeAT NOSPAMgmail dot com


yellow jackets hum

hanging on old-barked branches

late for the party

Khara House |leftnwrite08AT NOSPAMyahoo dot com


Girls in the driveway

hopping up and down, twirling,

above white clouds dance.

patti williams |pwilliamswriterAT NOSPAMaol dot com


Flaming trees herald

the last drunken flight of butterflies

before the first frost

A.C. Leming |fackorfAT NOSPAMhotmail dot com


Two trails through cracked leaves.

Light and twigs cast chickenscratch

Warmly on two trails.

David Edwards |zehayeAT NOSPAMmsn dot com


as wet as the pond

fishing with my son

in the June rain

Mike Barzacchini |mjbarzAT NOSPAMyahoo dot com


My corgis pause

to water the dogwoods;

coats wet with spring dew

Marcus Smith |sleeperdesuAT NOSPAMhotmail dot com


wind whips aloft

fire light filtered through

tree branches

AlaskanRC |Ruffian_chick24AT NOSPAMyahoo dot com