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Day 16 Highlights

On Day 16, I asked you to write a poem with a twist at the end--something I was calling the "Alfred Hitchcock" poem. I was really impressed with the results and the creativity.

Here are the highlights.



Roommate willing to share the rent,

the bills, the responsibility; to

put the dishes in the dishwasher,

not the sink; to fold socks together,

rathering than ranting when one

disappears somewhere between

the closet floor and the laundry room.

Said person should be willing to

share the remote control, ESPN

balanced with the Food Network,

to carry on conversations

when required, to keep your thoughts

to yourself at all other time,

and to know the difference between the two.

Since the place is already furnished,

you won't need to bring anything

but your own clothes, your own books,

and, of course, your car.

I'm taking mine when I leave this place.

If he asks, just tell him I sent you.

Nancy |nposeyAT NOSPAMembarqmail dot com


"My Precious Angel"

The pillow still holds your scent

I can close my eyes

and feel the heat from your side of the bed

I spy a strand of your beautiful brown hair

and I can almost imagine

your soft doe eyes

looking back at me

Why did I have to kill you last night?

Chris Granholm Jr. |chris7baAT NOSPAMyahoo dot com



Some people do it every day.

Some do it not at all.

My aunt she does it all the time,

Some do it near the wall.

Some friends of mine, they shut their eyes.

Some friends they say don’t worry.

Some friends tell me it’s not so bad,

Just do it in a hurry.

My Gramma did it day by day

A hundred times moreover.

My mother did it only when

Her family would come over.

I feel naughty, though, to do it not,

Shame cast upon my head.

For I kick myself come evening time,

When I’ve not made my bed.

Vanessa O'Dwyer |sheswede99AT NOSPAMyahoo dot com


Wandering Hands

I slide my hand down your back

I grope and fumble

But you remain quiet

Just giving slightly to my touch

My sneaky fingers glide around

Your bottom and I’m fumbling once

More. But you are passive

C’mon c’mon, give it to me!

Finally I’m on my knees

I drag your leg away

My hand searching for the

Treasure you withhold

I just don’t believe it

I was sure you’d give it up

But, sofa, if you haven’t goy my keys

Then where the hell are they?

Iain D. Kemp |iainAT NOSPAMmovistar dot es


The aliens came today.

We were surprised

as they brought us

a message of peace

and love and then

told us how it would happen.

Our lives were wrong,

they said.

We must live like they did

and then used force to

show us.

For your own good they said.

We want to help

they said.

Help from them I cannot

need or want

So I held my head high

and they said it

would be better if

I didn't.

But I stood against

and as I saw the crater

in my chest

My last words were

"Go back to Earth."

Matthew |matthewabelAT NOSPAMgmail dot com


I Am Just Not A Party Animal

When we arrive, Hiro greets his pals, each in coat and tails. They rush excitedly to each other; I am ignored. With a sniff and toss of the head, my date abandons me for a drink.

It’s awkward standing here alone.

Just like junior high school mixers.

But in minutes, I run into Kathy from Curtis Park, and Nancy, and Carlo. We socialize loudly above the din; turns out we’ve got much in common.

Too soon, Hiro’s had too much. I drag him, howling and whining, to the car.

He doesn’t want to leave the dog park. Tonight, neither do I.

Cathy Sapunor |cathsapAT NOSPAMyahoo dot com


The fire was beautiful.

It burned with ferocity,

frightening me a little -

I didn't want us to catch.

You smiled and vowed to

protect me. We shared

a glass of red wine as

we settled down to snuggle

and watch the fire. You

kissed my neck and told

me you love me. I smiled

and we turned back to the fire.

Wonder where that snotty witch will live now?

Monica Martin |lilmunkey2369AT NOSPAMyahoo dot com


"Art on the Line"

Warm wind

Birds singing

My favorite lavender chiffon blouse

Fluttering in the breeze

Assorted vibrant colors

Billowing on the clothesline

Spring is here,

Warm days

Cool nights

my collage of beautiful colors

are dry and

must come down

Alas, the lavender blouse

Is gone,


the wind took it

Sunday morning

A new day,

Brilliant sunshine

Reflecting off the grass

And warming the tar driveway

next door

There is John, my neighbor

Jaunting out to

Retrieve his paper

He is stunning

In my lavender chiffon

Carol -Amherst, Mass |cboudreauAT NOSPAMhampshire dot edu



"Every breath you take, every move you make, I'll be

watching you." ~Sting

When I first noticed you noticing me

I didn't think too much about it.

I didn't think I was your type,

a wife and mom of thirty something years.

But then I turned the corner and

I could still feel your eyes on me.

Staring, penetrating, unnerving.

I fumbled with my purse, and

glanced around furtively,

hoping to see something or someone else

that may catch your interest, but

I was all alone and your eyes never left me.

My hands shook, without reason.

I tried to pretend you weren't there,

to act normal and hope you'd go away.

But you inched closer, ever closer,

eyes roaming everywhere, searching.

I knew you wouldn't find whatever it was

that you were looking for, but still

you made my skin crawl and my nerves squirm.

I walked quickly away from you and out the door,

although I had done nothing to warrant your attention.

Maybe you were bored that day, or maybe you just

take your job as store security much too seriously.

Lori |brightiiizAT NOSPAMaol dot com


"The Proposal"

His brown eyes showed serious affection

and he popped ‘the question’ as we stood

beneath a large old tree. We’ve been friends

for years now, at least three, but my parents said

more time was needed. I wondered if

they saw something that I didn’t and felt

it best if their recommendation were heeded.

Back beneath the large old tree the matter

was solemnly discussed and he and I concluded

that one more year would not be too tough.

By then we would both be six, quite old enough.

Emily Blakely |ecblakelyAT NOSPAMmsn dot com



“Are you coming to bed, Darling?” you call

toward the bathroom door. I will soon,

Darling, but let me gaze upon you first,

study the way you remove your glasses,

carefully replace the bookmark in your novel,

and stretch to set them on the nightstand

before clicking off the lamp. The smell

of the jasmine outside the window surrounds

your image, making you seem even more delicate.

I watch the way you smile so sweetly

while you snuggle down into the warm blanket

that outlines your legs. I’ll be there soon, Darling,

the next time you forget to lock this window.

JL Smither |jlsmitherAT NOSPAMgmail dot com


I can’t believe your cheekiness,

Your lack of disrespect.

You’re certainly the flakiest

Coquette I ever met.

With Manolos and Guccis,

You skirt cut up to here -

Originals by Pucci,

And your lack of underwear;

Might get you adoration

And a night of random sex.

Your brain is on vacation

And your mother asks “what’s next?”

I’m absolutely done with you

You sneaky little tart

You’ve made my life a total mess,

You broke my boy friends heart.

M J Dills |mjdillsAT NOSPAMyahoo dot com


The geese are chasing the people away

from their eggs, down by the river.

The lawn is a beautiful shade of summer green

decorated with romantic iron benches.

Look at the Hollyhocks showing their hues of

sky, and blush, and sun.

The day is open, flowing wide toward forever

and I’m so glad you came to visit.

Cobblestone steps guide the way back to the patio

which delivers its closure.

The electroshock therapy is going well

please come to see me again.

maeve63 |maeveq63AT NOSPAMyahoo dot com


“Unfinished Work”

She sits in the easy chair

Directly in front of the roaring fire

Reading my rough manuscript

She says can we have a late dinner

I want to finish this

I want to find out what happens at the end.

Oh you don’t want to do that I say

It’s not ready…I’m not ready.

Don’t be silly she says

Don’t be so damn insecure.

I watch her read

I’m beside myself

I’m not ready for her to…

For me to…

I’m on the last chapter she says

Just give me a few more minutes

This couple you wrote about

She’s so strong and he’s so…weak.

Just keep reading I say

As I gather strength

And move in behind her

Wanting more than ever

For her to be finished.

Oh my God she says as she turns to look at me

I think he’s going to kill her!

Marcus Smith |sleeperdesuAT NOSPAMhotmail dot com


It’s not brain surgery

I can’t believe

They don’t

Put me under.

All that cutting

And slicing.

So close to

My brain.

I saw the


But I’m not


Just another

Butcher with

A sharp


I hate haircuts!

Mike Barzacchini |mjbarzAT NOSPAMyahoo dot com

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