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Wedding Recap!

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Quick update: The wedding (between myself and Tammy Trendle--now Tammy Brewer) went very, very well on Friday. It was attended by my baby brother Simon (the stormchaser), my mom, an old friend of the family, and my grandmother. We were married by my grandmother's boyfriend, who did a wonderful job. As luck--and a little skill on the part of my grandmother's boyfriend--would have it, I kissed the bride at 8:08 p.m. on 08/08/08.

We picked up our marriage license in Dandridge, Tennessee, around noon and were wed in my grandmother's backyard in unseasonably nice weather. No heat. No humidity. Wow!

Later in the evening, my other younger brother David (the computer whiz) and his fiancee showed up so that we could have a nice family weekend in the Smokies. Lots of other stuff happened, too, but the main points are that we got married; we had fun; and we bought lots of candy in Gatlinburg. Hope everyone else had a great weekend, too!