Thank You IRS!

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While I'm not sure how much this stimulus/rebate thing-a-ma-bob is actually going to help the economy (just as I was skeptical of the earlier stimulus check that apparently didn't help out), I'm more than happy to have received a bounce in my checking account this morning. Yay!

I know not everyone who reads this blog is from the United States. So I'm sorry you don't get the crazy cash influx, but for those poets who are expecting (or have already received) a rebate check, let me give you an idea of how you might invest some of this money.

  1. Subscribe to a literary journal or three. Not only is it good reading, but you'll be learning what poems each journal wants. Plus, you'll be supporting the poetry community, which helps everyone from the poets to the publishers.
  2. Buy some Forever stamps. Check with your local post office to verify, but these stamps can apparently be used forever--despite any increases in First-Class stamp rates. So, you could stock up now on the stamps you can use to mail your poetry submissions forever.
  3. Purchase poetry supplies. Go ahead and buy surplus amounts of your favorite pens, pencils, pads of paper, erasers, etc. Heck, get a huge dry erase board that you can turn into a brainstorming or draft board for your poems (or a great place to doodle while you're thinking of a poem).
  4. Attend a writing conference or workshop. Why slowly save for a conference or workshop experience when the government is sending you enough money to cover the expenses of most events now? This could be your once in a lifetime chance to really connect with other writers.
  5. Build a Web site. Personally, I've thought about using some of my rebate check to finally create my own site to highlight my achievements (or lack of achievements). Web sites are great, because it allows you to give people a destination to find out more about you, your publishing efforts, and more.

Of course, another option is to use the rebate to pay for the skyrocketing prices of gas and food. Yesterday morning, I was dumbstruck by the price of regular unleaded: $3.79 per gallon. Say what?!?