Getting Them Started Young

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Both of my sons are participating in a summer reading program with the Preble County library system in Ohio. Among the various activities they've been asked to complete was writing a poem. While I was planning to work with them on that this weekend, imagine my surprise (and joy!) when they both already put together poems with their Nana (my very nice ex-mother-in-law).

Both Benjamin and Jonah not only wrote their own poems, but they had them committed to memory--something their own father can't even do (we Brewers are mostly a forgetful lot). As with most firsts for the duo, I never felt more proud to be their Daddy.

Here's what they wrote:

A bug had a friend named Smug.
They dug in the rug for some slugs.
Then, they gave each other a hug.

-Benjamin, age 6

Once there was a spider
who was a ghost rider.
He went very fast,
and he had a blast!

-Jonah, age 5

While they were both very pleased with themselves for putting together their first poems, Jonah confessed, "Daddy, writing a poem is hard work." My little 5-year-old sounds like he's ready to start teaching creative writing.