Check out the latest Writer's Digest--Good news!

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A piece I wrote on Haiku is in the current issue of Writer's Digest at your local magazine rack. My piece, "The Soul of Brevity," is on pages 83 and 84 and includes how-to instruction, haiku history, exercises, resources, and more (all packed into 2 pages--seriously).

Of course, I wouldn't even think to plug myself, but my pals on Facebook have been giving me a hard time about not mentioning it on the blog. So there. Hope everyone's satisfied. It was definitely a great experience.


Also, since I mentioned Facebook, feel free to befriend me on that social networking site. You can search for me as "Robert Lee Brewer." I'll be the one who looks like that dude up in the top left-hand corner of this page. But be warned: I'm likely to challenge you to a game of online Scrabble (not that there's much to fear in that, since I usually seem to lose).

Have a great weekend,