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Board up the doors!

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Cover the windows! Dim the lights! But not too much, because you need to get writing today and into the night (late, late, late at night). After all, today is an extra day that you only get once every four years. If you don't write today, you won't be able to write on February 29 again until 2012.


Seriously, can you really live without writing for 4 years?

Of course you can't!

This is an extra day--24 hours that shouldn't even exist. Make sure you take advantage of this little gift, this little extra bit of February.


Here's a challenge. Why not try writing a leap year poem? Either write your poem into the comments below, or send to my email ( If I get one or two that knock my socks off, I'll feature them (and the poets who wrote them) in a future post. Plus, I'll get working on one myself.