As usual, the time change is messing with me...

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Something about the time change always messes with my internal clock. It always seems to make me sleepy--even when we're supposed to fall back and gain an hour of sleep (or so they would have you believe--I'm not sure who I mean by they, but they've probably got shifty eyes and 6 toes on their left feet).

Anyway, I've had trouble doing any revision work the past two days on my poetry, and I'm totally laying the blame on the time change (though it is possible the culprit could be my regular procrastination).

Here's an article from a year ago that explains how the whole daylight savings time "thingie" got started, and the author was just as anti-time change as myself. Hopefully, I don't alienate my readership by my controversial time change stance, but someone has to speak up.

I'm totally going to bed before 9 tonight, and I might just sleep in until noon (just to show them).


Also, unrelated (or is it?)--I've been racking up the rejections recently from: