22nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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Writer's Digest would like to congratulate the 46 winners of the 22nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards. For full coverage of the awards, please check out the March/April 2015 issue of Writer's Digest.

March/April 2015 Issue of Writer's Digest

Grand Prize

Well Fed 2 by Melissa Joulwan ($24.95). Smudge Publishing. theclothesmakethegirl.com.

Children’s Picture Books

First Place

Rocko Rocket: Rocko’s Big Launch by Yolande Clark-Jackson and R. Jackson (illustrator) ($19.99). rockorocket.com.

Honorable Mentions

Commonplace Mouse by Karima Cammell ($15.00). Dromedary Press. blog.castleintheair.biz.

The Wonderful (Magical, Super-Fantastical) Musical Animals by Damon Robinson ($24.95). Dog Ear Publishing.

Genre Fiction

First Place

Glory Be! by Martha B. Hook ($16.99). Xulon Press.

Honorable Mentions

The Fig Orchard by Layla Fiske ($14.95). Rancho Publishing, LLC. laylafiske.net.

Lessons I Learned From Nick Nack by Padgett Gerler ($16.95). CreateSpace. padgettgerler.com.

Once Upon a Mulberry Field by C.L. Hoang ($15.95). Willow Stream Publishing. mulberryfieldsforever.com.

Blood on the Tracks by Steve Liskow ($15.00). CreateSpace. steveliskow.com.

To Murder a Saint by Nicole Loughan ($5.99). Little Spot for Stories. littlespotforstories.com.

One Eyed Jack by Christopher J. Lynch ($10.99). CreateSpace. christopherjlynch.com.

Finding Out by Sheryn MacMunn ($11.99). Joy Inked. sherynmacmunn.com.

By Water and Blood by Melanie Rose ($13.95). CreateSpace. melanieroseauthor.com.


First Place

Cora Pooler by Dottie Rexford ($19.95). WestBow Press.

Honorable Mentions

Winter Always Turns to Spring by Sachiko Takata Bailey, as told to Akemi Bailey Haynie ($15.99). Friesen Press.

Inside/Outside by Jenny Hayworth ($14.99). CreateSpace. jennyhayworth.com.

A Middle Way by Duke Robinson ($15.50). CreateSpace.

Steps Out of Time by Katharine B. Soper ($16.95). Stellaire Press.

Life Stories

First Place

Breakfast with the Pope by Susan Vigilante ($19.95). Richard Vigilante Books. desperateirishhousewife.blogspot.com.

Honorable Mentions

An American’s Resurrection by Eric C. Arauz ($17.95). Treehouse Publishing. ericarauz.com.

Flight Through Fire by Carol Fiore ($17.99). Flying Kea Press. carolfiore.com.

A Garland for Ashes by Hanna Zack Miley ($19.95). Outskirts Press. georgeandhannamiley.com.

Mainstream Fiction

First Place

The Life & Times of Persimmon Wilson by Nancy Peacock ($16.00). Lystra Books. nancypeacockbooks.com.

Honorable Mentions

Stuck by Stacey D. Atkinson ($17.95). Mirror Image Publishing. staceydatkinson.com.

The Lady of the Lake by R.E. Braczyk ($12.95). iUniverse.

Lenin Lives Next Door by Jennifer Eremeeva ($24.95). Small Batch Books. russialite.com.

The Rummy Club by Anoop Ahuja Judge ($16.95). Daggerhorn Publishing. therummyclub-anovel.com.

A Place in the World by Cinda Crabbe MacKinnon ($14.99). Multicultural Press. cindamackinnon.wordpress.com.

The Unheralded King of Preston Plains Middle by Jedah Mayberry ($14.95). River Grove Books. jmberryfictionwriter.tumblr.com.

The Legacy Letters by Carew Papritz ($21.95). King Northern Publishing. thelegacyletters.com.

Eleven Sundays by Alonna Shaw ($12.95). CreateSpace. alonnashaw.com.

Middle-Grade/Young Adult

First Place

Eleven by Tom Rogers ($8.95). Alto Nido Press. eleventhebook.com.

Honorable Mentions

Forever Thirteen by Crissi Langwell ($14.95). crissilangwell.com.

Nyx by D.M. Livingston ($16.95). Some Peril Publications. nyxthebook.com.

The Adventures of Pearley Monroe by Marci Seither ($7.99). Sawmill Press. marciseither.com.

Starved by Michael Somers ($12.00). Rundy Hill Press. michaelsomers.com.


First Place

The Twible by Jana Riess ($19.99). Paraclete Press. janariess.com.

Honorable Mentions

Back to Vietnam by R. Bruce Logan and Elaine Head ($22.95). JOTH Press. backtovietnam.com.

Deaf Dogs by Melissa McDaniel ($55.00). The Photo Book Projects. thephotobooks.com.

The New Art of Dying by Diane Burnside Murdock ($14.95). The Murdocks, LLC. dianemurdock.com.


First Place

South From Istanbul by Ken Hebson. Green River Press.

Honorable Mentions

The Death of the Human Soul by James Karis ($11.95). Alvalini. univesta.tripod.com/jameskaris/index.htm.

A New Orchid Myth by Helene Pilibosian ($13.95). CreateSpace. home.comcast.net/~hsarkiss.


First Place

10 Steps to Publish & Succeed by Jill Ronsley ($12.95). Blue Star Press, Inc. suneditwrite.com.

Honorable Mention

Your Guide to the National Parks by Michael Joseph Oswald ($25.00). Stone Road Press. stoneroadpress.com.

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