Back to Basics: A Writer's 101 Guide to Blogging

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On Thursday at 1p EDT, I'm presenting a live, online class, "Build Your Author Platform Through Blogging."

In preparation for that, I'm gathering my favorite resources and 101 articles that are helpful for anyone in getting started—and posting them here for everyone to enjoy.

First, a few blogging principles:

  1. Provide consistently great content and resources. Even if you're an experienced writer, it may take you considerable time (and patience and trial-and-error) to adapt to writing for an online audience. Practice consistency, and be patient in getting results.
  2. Interact with readers on your blog, and throughout the online community. Be active in your comments, on your own blog and others' blogs, and share the love through links to great resources on other blogs. Developing relationships with others is a critical factor to most bloggers' success.
  3. Be a quality guest and look for guests. Writing posts for other blogs can open you up to audiences who you aren't typically reaching, and offering quality guests means that those guests will help market and promote your blog, too.

My past posts on blogging

Three key resources for every serious blogger

  • Chris Brogan (a well-known master at blogging and online community building)
  • CopyBlogger (everything you need to know about online writing from a marketing and business perspective)

Excellent and recent articles on blogging

  • Writing for the Online Audience

If you want hands-on help on how to get started in blogging—plus my two cents on how to choose a blogging platform—then be sure to check out my class on Thursday. Because it's live, you'll have an opportunity to ask questions, too.