You Must Be Kidding Me, Roger (UPDATED: ...And Maybe You Are)

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This isn't directly related to TV and screenwriting, but it IS directly related to Roger Ebert... whose opinion I previously respected (even if I didn't always agree with it). But I had to put this out there...This is undeniable, irrefutable proof that our parents were right... watching too many movies rots your brain.Like, REALLY rots it.I will NEVER take this guy seriously again.

UPDATE: Okay, everyone-- before you read on, let me say this: Roger Ebert may be entirely crazy... or he may have just earned my respect 100 times more than before. Here's the scoop...

Earlier tonight, I posted the following bit with a link to an outrageous piece he published on his blog today...

• • • • •

"Okay, guys--

CLICK HERE and brace yourselves... I'm not sure if this leaves me confused, saddened, or absolutely terrified..."

• • • • •

I'm not gonna lie... I totally believed it was real... and apparently,
judging from all the chatter on the Internet, so did a bunch of other
people. But now, no one seems so sure. Is it real, or have is he totally punking us?

If it's the latter, and I'm starting to believe that is, then I have to give Ebert props for being awesome. I love this kind of Borat satire, comedy that illuminates ridiculousness and hypocrisy by embracing and heightening it (although I admit-- it's funnier when I'm not the one falling for it).

Check out this 2005 article Ebert wrote, in which he seems to be a pretty strong opponent of Creationism. And many sites point out that Ebert has defended evolution in the past (I'm not gonna link to them all because there's too many, but a quick Google search will give you plenty).

Anyway, the jury's still out on whether or not this is real. But I'll say this... it has everyone talking. So if it's intentional satire, I applaud Ebert 100%... BRILLIANT. If it's intentional NON-satire, and honest commentary... then I stick to my "confused/saddened/terrified" position. And if the site was hacked... well... I guess Sarah Palin's a better computer geek than I ever gave her credit for.

So the question is... REAL? NOT REAL? SINCERE? SATIRICAL? Whaddaya think?

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