The WGA Unionizes "Best Week Ever" on VH1!

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Hey, guys--

Some good news from the war front of the Writers Guild's fight to organize reality TV... Best Week Ever, VH1's clip show hosted by Paul F. Tomkins, has joined the Writers Guild! This means the Best Week Ever writers will finally receive standardized salaries, plus pension and health benefits.

Clip shows have long been excluded from WGA membership, with many networks denying they're written at all (they call their writers "story producers," even though the scripts are as written as any talk show, sitcom, or drama). Two years ago, Comedy Central allowed Jon Stewart's The Daily Show to join the union, striking a major blow for writers and alternative programming everywhere. This is another huge coup, especially since "low-budget" and reality-based networks like VH1 rarely like to cooperate with the Guild.

Congrats and kudos to all the BWE writers, VH1, and the Writers Guild for helping to make this happen...



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