Diversity in Writers Rooms? Think Again...

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Interesting, but sad, article in this morning's Variety... detailing the WGA's 2009 Hollywood Writers Report about diversity amongst writers. And it turns out... there isn't much.

"White males continue to dominate in both the film and television
sectors," says Darnell Hunt, the UCLA professor who wrote the study. "Although women and minorities closed the
earnings gaps with white men in television a bit, the earnings gaps in
film grew. These findings are clearly out of step with a nation that
elected its first African American president in 2008, a nation in which
more than half of the population is female and nearly a third is

Based on 2007 statistics, one of the more noticeable differences is in the annual income of "diverse" feature writers versus the annual income of white male feature writers. Minority writers earned $61,912; white male writers earned $98,875; this is an even wider gap than four years earlier in 2003, where the difference was only $87,392 versus $90,476.

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Or click HERE to get the actual WGA report.


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