Bill Moyers Kicks Kevin Martin's Ass

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Hey, guys-- check out this great clip from PBS's Bill Moyers Journal. As you probably know, next Tuesday, FCC chairman is planning to push through his proposal for allowing one media company to own television stations and newspapers in the same media market. In a world where the majority of mass media is already owned or controlled by nine or ten conglomerates, Martin is determined to further this evolution of media consolidation.

Why is this bad? Well, for starters, it means news sources-- whether they be TV channels, newspapers, magazines, radio stations, or internet sites-- are all slowly being controlled by the same massive companies... companies these news sources should have the freedom to investigate and report on. Rupert Murdoch, a noted conservative, for instance, recently bought The Wall Street Journal; how objective will, or can, The Journal be if its boss and owner is a staunch conservative?

Check out this clip from last month's Bill Moyers Journal, which does a great job of explaining the issue...