Possible Subjects for Articles about Destinations

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Essentials of Travel Writing on Writer's Online Workshop

Sneak Peek: Possible Subjects for Articles about Destinations
from Essentials of Travel Writing

Possible Destination Subjects:

  • Sightseeing attractions (you can also cite places you didn't visit after covering those you did see)
  • What to eat and drink, and where. What are the local culinary specialties?
  • Shopping: What are good items to buy? Where? Can you bargain?
  • Getting around/transportation. What sort of transportation is available? Buses, trolleys, subways, etc.
  • City passes: Are there any passes travelers can buy? Where are they sold?
  • Accommodations, from budget to luxury
  • Currency considerations: What are the paper and coin denominations?
  • History
  • Security/safety issues
  • Nightlife options
  • Local expressions/cultural mores
  • Home visits/people-to-people programs
  • Day trip options to nearby attractions
  • Options in reaching the destination from the U.S.

Not all of these aspects need to be covered, or even should be covered. Articles can focus in depth on one or more of these subjects. For example, you could combine dining and nightlife, or city passes and transportation. There are also other topics that might be worth coverage.