Helping Other Writers, Part 2

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Some Writers Deserve to Starve by Elaura Niles

Writers rarely help other writers. Here are some ways to adjust your ego:

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  • "I would have made it anyway." This sentence pops out of people you never thought it would. Many stunning books are still in desk drawers and will never see the light of day because no one is there to help. Be grateful. Give credit to those who help you.
  • "I'll help when they prove themselves." Waiting for writers to get to your level before you help them is not helping them at all. Help now. It doesn't have to be dinner at your agent's house. Maybe it's just a sympathetic ear, a little encouragement, and a direction.
  • "I can't help everyone who comes along." Fair enough. Just help some. Or one. Most people who say this sentence never help anyone.
  • "No one helped me." If it's true, that's very sad. I haven't met a single, successful writer that hasn't had a lot of help. Some of it comes from other writers, some from agents, some from editors. Even if this sentence is true for you, break the chain and help others.