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Whether you are seeking inspiration for writing or want to know how to get motivation to write, today's tip, provided by The Productive Writer, will give you effective writing techniques to be productive.

There is no other writer in the world who is trying to accomplish exactly what you are striving for, in the context of your unique personality, skills, education, training, work, family, and lifestyle mix. While keeping this in mind, here are three ways to be productive:

The Productive Writer | Inspiration for writing
  • Writing for enjoyment: If you are inspired to write you will find happiness in what you are doing. Enjoyment will lead you to continue doing it and eventually be successful at it.
  • Take Risks in Storytelling: Use your inspiration to write to help you achieve your writing goals, desires, and dreams. Having writing motivation makes you far more likely to stay on course, even when the going gets rough.
  • Successful Writing: Productivity does not deplete the stores. It fills you up--with confidence, expertise, money, information, inspiration, recognition, authority--maybe not all of these, all at once, but certainly in at least one or two key ways that register as successful for you.

Study Writing Strategies From Your Favorite Authors

Finding inspiration for writing can be difficult. Therefore, take a look at the writers do you admire most and ask yourself, "How have they shaped their writing careers?" Studying your favorite authors can help solve writers block and give you writing inspiration. With social media being what it is today, you can simply visit the websites or subscribe to the blogs of your favorite authors or writers to discover how productivity looks in their lives, and how their successful writing has helped to promote their careers.

You can cull your favorite writing strategies, techniques, and goals from their work and them put them to work for you. Another valuable reason to study as many writers as possible is to see how varied and unique the trajectory of every writing life is.

It can be tempting to fixate on some person we know, decide we can do it the way they've done it, and give up. But when we see there are endless ways to establish and sustain writing efficiently--at any age, in any work-family-life circumstance--we may have an easier time trusting that we will find our own way forward.

Anything is possible in the writing life. Why not choose as your examples writers who give you inspiration to write? Not so you can strive to do what they did, necessarily, but so you can get inspired to claim what is most authentic in your own life, no matter what the odds appear to be.

Today's tip of the day was taken from The Productive Writer. We have even more writing tips for you, if you so dare!

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