10 Ways to Turn Off Editors

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The Craft & Business of Writing

What you say (what they think):

  1. Have you done a story about … (You should know this when you query. Research.)
  2. I am writing to give you the opportunity to publish … (How did we get so lucky?)
  3. Would you be interested in this truly hilarious (or tragic) story of … (I don't know if we can survive it.)
  4. This is the kind of story you should be doing. (Don't hold your breath.)
  5. Just tell me which approach you'd like me to take. (Just tell us which approach is appropriate.)
  6. The author can … (What are you, an agent?)
  7. There would obviously be two sides to the story. (If it's obvious, why tell us?)
  8. I know I can write better than so-and-so did for you some time back. (We'll bet your mother told you so.)
  9. If you're not interested, please let me know, since I'm sure I can sell this somewhere. (Go to it.)
  10. I'll be willing to take a little less than your regular fee to get this published. (We're not willing to take less for paying less.)