Recap of 2009 BEA/WD Writers Conference

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We had another amazing year at our writers conference hosted in conjunction with BookExpo America. Here are a few places you can find reaction and summaries:

  • Literary
    agent Janet Reid (and blogger behind QueryShark) helped with pitch slam
    practice by entertaining a crowd of nearly 400 writers, showing them
    how to tighten and structure their pitches. Here's her inspiring take.
  • Conference attendee Michelle Reynoso blogged about her experience here and here.

We were honored to have Ron Hogan from GalleyCat at our conference, where he live-tweeted N.M. Kelby's session:

  • Sitting in on N.M. Kelby's Closet Writer's Workshop. She's got 2 books coming out in September.
  • N.M. Kelby's advice starts with believing in yourself.
  • N.M. Kelby quotes Robert Frost: "No writer has ever been corrected into importance."
  • N.M. Kelby has another Frost: "Why have we wings if not to seek friends at an elevation?"
  • "write. read. write more. travel. write even more. repeat. And show people your work!"
  • "When I say 'get a hobby,' I mean it. There's nothing that will drive you crazier than writing."
  • N.M. Kelby also preaches the importance of proper nutrition for writers. Live mindfully!
  • "When you write, it's art. Once you send it out, it's business."
  • "If you can give the book to your mother-in-law," it can become a bestseller. "But more importantly, if the publisher doesn't treat the book like a bestseller, it's unlikely to be one."
  • "Publishing is all about relationships. Play nice." Join writers groups, be active in the literary community.

You can find Ron Hogan's Twitterfeed here.

If you'd like some images from the event, I've posted several on my Picasa account—click here.

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