New Literary Agent Alert: Maria Ribas of Stonesong Literary

Agent Maria Ribas is seeking: She's interested in cookbooks, self-help, health, diet, home, parenting, and humor, all from authors with demonstrable platforms. She's also interested in narrative nonfiction and select memoir, but she's looking for a story that is absolutely un-put-down-able. She is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and proficient in Italian and will be working with select foreign authors.
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NOTE: In early 2015, Maria moved from Horward Morhaim Literary to Stonesong Literary. Her contact information below is updated.


Reminder: New literary agents (with this spotlight featuring Maria Ribas of Howard Morhaim Literary Agency) are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list.


About Maria: Maria Ribas began her career on the editorial side, first at Simon & Schuster and Harlequin Nonfiction, then at Adams Media, where she was an associate editor before moving to the agency side in 2014. As a former editor, she has a keen sense of what editors are really looking for, and she has years of experience building lasting relationships with authors. She prides herself on being very hands-on as an agent and enjoys working closely with authors on their entire career and platform, not just one book.

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She is seeking: Maria specializes in nonfiction in the areas of cooking, home, health/diet, personal development, business, psychology, and memoir. For practical nonfiction, she enjoys working with bloggers, experts, business owners, and media influencers who understand how a thoughtfully produced, proudly promoted book can grow their brands and their businesses. For narrative nonfiction, she’s looking for journalists, bloggers, and writers who understand how to bring a subject to life in unexpected ways.

How to submit: Please paste materials [no attachments]. Query mribas [at]

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