New Literary Agent Alert: Jen Hunt of The Booker Albert Literary Agency

Jen is seeking: fantasy, science fiction, YA in certain areas, steampunk, gaslight, dieselpunk, and Historicals where the characters actually fit in the era. She enjoys Historical romance, time travels, fantasy, inspirational, paranormal (nothing past the 1940s).
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Apologies. After this post was created in the queue, Jen closed
herself off to submissions. Do not query her unless you see that
she is open to queries on her submissions page.


Reminder: New literary agents (with this spotlight featuring Jen Hunt of The Booker Albert Literary Agency) are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list.

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About Jen: Jen Hunt of the Booker Albert Literary Agency graduated from the University of Reno, Nevada, with an English literature degree and an unholy fascination with Victorian literature, although contrary to popular belief, she doesn't wear a corset. She does drink way too much coffee and enjoys watching the BBC. Another remake of a Jane Austen classic? Game on! Also happens to be a huge Bioware fangirl—when she has enough time for gaming. Follow her on Twitter and check out her blog at

(When will an agent want to be the ONLY one reading your work?)

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She is seeking: While Jen doesn’t want to limit herself, she is actively seeking the following:

  • Historical fiction where the characters actually fit in the era—historical romance, time travel, fantasy, inspirational, and paranormal (nothing set after the 1940s)
  • Science fiction—must include world building and well detailed environments (prefererably with a hint of romance)
  • Fantasy—same as above
  • Steampunk/gaslight/dieselpunk—also prefererably with some romantic element

"I will consider young adult in these areas but no sex, rape, or drug abuse (or abuse of any kind)."

How to Submit: [Do not query Jen without checking the updated submissions page on her website. She closed herself off to queries right about when this post went live. Make sure she is open first].

(14 Literary Agents Seeking Science Fiction Novels.)


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