New Literary Agent Alert: Linda Epstein of the Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency

She is seeking: "For adult: I like accessible literary fiction, quality upscale commercial fiction, vibrant narrative nonfiction, and compelling memoirs. When I read a manuscript I want to be so immersed in its world that I can't put it down. A distinctive voice is imperative. I love to learn something about another time, place, or culture while engrossed in a gripping story. Books with Jewish or other spiritual/religious themes or undercurrents are of particular interest. I am partial to underdogs and outsiders. Occasionally I like to read something funny, and sometimes a little magical realism is entertaining. I don't like bodice-rippers and won't read anything with dead, maimed, or kidnapped children. I don't read horror. I'm not really interested in traditional SciFi...
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In early 2016, Linda moved to Emerald City Literary.
Her contact info below has been updated.


Reminder: New literary agents (with this spotlight featuring Linda Epstein of the Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency) are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list.

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About Linda: She is now with Emerald City Literary as of 2016. Before joining the Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency as an Associate Agent in 2011, Linda read manuscripts, book proposals, and queries at Folio Literary Management; was Submissions Manager at the McVeigh Agency; and interned at the Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency and also Meryl Zegarek Public Relations. Prior to that she was Community Relations Manager at Barnes and Noble, where she set up author readings and signings and organized book groups and book fairs. Currently, Linda co-edits The New York Bookwoman, the newsletter of the New York chapter of the Women’s National Book Association. She also leads workshops about publishing at Hofstra University. Linda graduated from Buffalo University with a BA in English and Environmental Studies and went on for graduate work in Creative Writing at Temple University. She also holds a BSN from New York University. Linda is an avid reader, a fiction writer, the mother of three children, and a native New Yorker whose breath is taken away every single time she sees the NYC skyline. She blogs at The Blabbermouth -

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She is seeking: Linda represents picture books, middle grade and young adult fiction, and children’s nonfiction. She does not represent adult literature at all. Since joining the agency she has toyed with the idea of adding a G to the beginning of her name.

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How to contact: Best way to reach her: Linda [at] More query guidelines here.


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