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New Agent Alert: Isabel Kaufman of Fox Literary

Literary agent alerts (with this spotlight featuring Isabel Kaufman of Fox Literary) are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list.

Isabel Kaufman began her publishing career as an intern with Fox Literary in 2012, while studying the history of stories and storytelling at New York University. After completing a master's degree in literature at the University of Edinburgh, she worked for several years as a freelance writer and editor and as a brand consultant in the luxury travel and lifestyle sector. 

(20 literary agents actively seeking writers and their writing.)

She is thrilled to return to the business of agenting and her first and lifelong love: developing new voices and building the scaffolding of enduring literary careers. Follow her on Twitter @isabeljka.

Isabel Kaufman

Isabel Kaufman

Currently Seeking

Isabel is actively looking to build her list in fantasy and science fiction, adult literary fiction, upmarket horror, historical fiction, contemporary commercial fiction, and young adult literature. She is looking for smart, inventive, ambitious storytelling and welcomes speculative elements across all genres. She is also interested in creative nonfiction and microhistories, particularly related to the fields of travel, food, and luxury goods.

(Who is your target reader?)

Her taste is varied, but she is consistently drawn to dynamic prose and vibrant, specific character voice, particularly from historically underrepresented and marginalized authors. She appreciates purposeful conversations with genre staples, new retellings of old myths and fairytales, and fresh perspectives on "archaic" genres (such as noir, gothic, and classical revenge tragedy). She has a degree in Shakespeare and Jacobean revenge tragedy and is willing to get bloody!

Recent books she has loved include The Glass Hotel, by Emily St. John Mandel; Severance, by Ling Ma; the Locked Tomb trilogy, by Tamsyn Muir; The Idiot, by Elif Batuman; Luster, by Raven Leilani; Sadie, by Courtney Summers; Priory of the Orange Tree, by Samantha Shannon; Plain Bad Heroines, by Emily Danforth; Raybearer, by Jordan Ifueko; If I Had Your Face, by Frances Cha; One Last Stop, by Casey McQuiston; Freshwater, by Akwaeke Emezi; and everything by Helen Oyeyemi and Megan Abbott. Her favorite nonfiction includes Priestdaddy, by Patricia Lockwood; Secondhand Time, by Svetlana Alexievich; and The Emperor of Scent, by Luca Turin.

How to Submit

Please send submissions to


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