My Favorite WD Book From 2008 (Or: The Last WD Book I Edited in Full)

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Before I took on management of the Writer's Digest brand community, the last book I fully acquired, edited, and released—as an editor—was Get Known Before the Book Deal by Christina Katz, from the Fall 2008 list of Writer's Digest Books.

In some ways, it is a culmination of everything I wish all writers knew from Day 1. And it's everything I've been telling writers at conferences for several years now. Every writer who dreams of book publication (and even those who do have a book published) must learn the lessons in this book to sustain a successful career as an author. I find myself recommending it again and again, and am relieved to finally have a concrete resource to point people to.

Joe Wikert, publishing professional and blogger, recommended this book highly and interviewed author Christina Katz on his blog. Along with that link, I'll provide a few others of interest, to help you get a sense of why you need this book.

You can also watch this promotional video that the author created: