What Should You Charge: Corporate Writing

Don't undervalue your time and undercharge for an assignment. Here's how to get it right. by I.J. Schecter
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Most corporate projects are calculated by the hour but charged as a flat fee. Once the prospective client has given you a description of what she needs, you then figure out how long you think it will take and come up with an estimate. Eventually you’ll get to a point where you can accurately determine how long a project will take you, but for now, add 20 percent to your initial estimate (trust me: It’s going to take longer than you think). Quote your fee as a single figure (i.e., not broken down by hours).

A standard range of hourly rates, as well as flat estimates for projects of various types, can be found in resources like Writer’s Market, or via a little Internet searching. Position yourself within that range, and let the quoting begin.

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