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Small-Press Markets

No agent? No problem. These publishers want to read your work. Check out for more detailed listings including tips straight from the publishers'' mouths. Special thanks to Lauren Mosko, editor of 2007 Novel & Short Story Writer''s Market, for help with compiling this list.

Absey & Co.
23011 Northcrest Drive, Spring TX 77389
Phone: (281)257-2340
Contact: Edward E. Wilson, publisher
"We''re interested in book-length fiction of literary merit with a firm intended audience." Publishes hardcover, trade paperback and mass market paperback originals. Published three-five debut authors within the last year. Averages six-10 total titles, six-10 fiction titles/year.
Needs: Juvenile, mainstream/contemporary, short story collections. Published Where I''m From, by George Ella Lyon; Blast Man Standing, by Robert V. Spelleri. How to Contact: Accepts unsolicited mss. Query with SASE. Responds in 3 months to queries; 9 months to mss. No simultaneous submissions, electronic submissions. Terms Royalty and advance vary. Publishes ms 1 year after acceptance. Ms guidelines online. Advice: "Since we''re a small, new press looking for good manuscripts with a firm intended audience, we tend to work closely and attentively with our authors. Many established authors who have been with the large New York houses have come to us to publish their work because we work closely with them."

Carnifex Press
P.O. Box 1686, Ormond Beach FL 32175
Contact: Armand Rosamilia
Estab. 2005. "Small press publisher of fantasy and horror books from the fresh faces in the genres. We publish themed anthologies and single-author novellas. We try to be the midpoint between big publishers and the non-paying markets." Publishes paperback originals. Format: 24# paper with glossy cover; off-set printing; perfect bound (books). Average print order: 1,000. Debut novel print order: 2,000. Published 45 new writers last year. Plans six debut novels this year. Averages 12 total titles/year; 12 fiction titles/year. Distributes/promotes titles through our website and small-press distributors like Shocklines and Needs: Fantasy (sword and sorcery), horror (dark fantasy, futuristic, psychological, supernatural). Writers may submit work during specific reading periods. See website for details. Published Then Comes The Child, by Christopher Fulbright and Angeline Hawkes (horror); The King''s World, by Laura J. Underwood (fantasy); Thoroughbred, by Steven Shrewsbury (fantasy). Plans Freehold, a shared world fantasy book series. How to Contact: Accepts unsolicited mss. Query with outline/synopsis and three sample chapters. Accepts queries by e-mail. Include estimated word count, brief bio. Send disposable copy of ms and SASE for reply only. Responds to queries in one-two weeks. Responds to mss in two-three months. Considers e-mail submissions. Sometimes critiques/comments on rejected mss. Terms: Pays royalties of 10% and five author''s copies. Sends pre-production galleys to author. Ms published 8 months after acceptance. Writer''s guidelines on website. Book catalogs on website. Advice: "Small press is such a wide business but easy to get into, which is good and bad. So many new publishers are springing up but then closing only a few short months later without a business model and cash flow. Carnifex Press is new, but Armand Rosamilia has been in the small-press market for more than 10 years and knows the challenges and rewards of the fantasy/horror niche. Send us the best possible copy of your work! Despite what some think, an editor isn''t going to spend hours fixing grammar mistakes and rewriting paragraphs. We''re looking for finished books ready to sell with a few minor changes to either plot or characterization that you make yourself. Small press doesn''t rely on big advertising campaigns, we rely on word of mouth and the author to get behind their own work and hit book fairs, conventions, and do online promotion with us."

Coffee House Press
27 N. Fourth St., Suite 400, Minneapolis MN 55401
Fax: (612)338-4004
Contact: Chris Fischbach, senior editor
Estab. 1984. "Nonprofit publisher with a small staff. We publish literary titles: fiction and poetry." Publishes trade paperback originals. Books: acid-free paper; cover illustrations. Published some debut authors within the last year. Averages 12 total titles, 6 fiction titles/year. This successful nonprofit small press has received numerous grants from various organizations including the NEA, the McKnight Foundation and Target. Needs: Ethnic, experimental, literary, mainstream/contemporary, short story collections, novels. Publishes anthologies, but they''re closed to unsolicited submissions. Published Miniatures, by Norah Labiner (novel); Circle K Cycles, by Karen Yamashita (stories); Little Casino, by Gilbert Sorrentino (novel).
How to Contact: Accepts unsolicited mss. Query with SASE. Agented fiction 10%. Responds in one month to queries; up to four months to mss. No electronic submissions. Terms: Pays 8% royalty on retail price. Provides 15 author''s copies. Publishes ms 18 months after acceptance. Book catalog and ms guidelines for #10 SASE with two first-class stamps. Ms guidelines for #10 SAE with 55 first-class stamps.

Graywolf Press
2402 University Ave., Suite 203, St. Paul MN 55114
Contact: Katie Dublinski, editorial manager. Estab. 1974. Growing independent literary press, nonprofit corporation. Publishes trade cloth and paperback originals. Books: acid-free quality paper; offset printing; hardcover and soft binding. Average print order: 3,000-10,000. First novel print order: 3,000-7,500. Averages 25 total titles, five-seven fiction titles/year. Distributes titles nationally through Farrar, Straus & Giroux. Needs: Literary novels, short story collections. "Familiarize yourself with our list before submitting your work." Published Wounded, by Percival Everett; The Translation of Dr. Apelles, by David Treuer; When all is Said and Done, by Robert Hill.
How to Contact: Query or submit one sample chapter. Include SASE/IRC, estimated word count, brief bio, list of publishing credits. Agented fiction 90%. Responds in three months to queries. Terms: Pays royalty on retail price, author''s copies. Average advance: $2,500-15,000. Publishes ms 18-24 months after acceptance. Ms guidelines online. Advice: "Please review our catalog and submission guidelines before submitting your work. We rarely publish story collections or novels by authors who have not published work previously in literary journals or magazines."

Ivy Publications
72 Hyperion House, Somers Road, London England SW21HZ United Kingdom.
Estab. 1989. Small book publisher. Publishes paperback originals.
Needs: Adventure, children''s/juvenile (adventure, historical), historical, humor, military/war, young adult (adventure, historical). "We''re on the lookout for genius; a P.G. Wodehouse or Raymond Chandler would be most welcome." How to Contact: Accepts unsolicited mss. Query with SASE. Accepts queries by mail. Include list of publishing credits. Send SASE or IRC. Accepts simultaneous submissions. No electronic submissions, submissions on disk. Sometimes comments on rejected mss. Terms: "We pay all costs." Profit: 50% to author, 50% to publisher. Advice: "Write in top-class English that is used by top American, British, Indian, South African writers. Meaning of words, style and grammar are our yardsticks."

Macadam/Cage Publishing Inc.
155 Sansome St., Suite 550, San Francisco CA 94104
Phone: (415)986-7502
Fax: (415)986-7414
Contact: Check website for guidelines.
Estab. 1999. Mid-size independent publisher. Publishes hardcover and trade paperback originals. Books: web offset printing; case binding. Average first novel print order: 5,000-15,000. Published 10 debut authors within the last year. Averages 25-30 total titles/year. Member PMA, ABA, NCIBA. Distributes titles through Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Brodart, Koen and American Wholesale. Promotes titles via in-house marketing/publicity department. Needs: Historical, literary, mainstream/contemporary. Published How To Be Lost, by Amanda Eyre Ward (fiction); The Time Traveler''s Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger (fiction); Pinkerton''s Sister, by Peter Rushforth (fiction); The God File, by Frank Turner Hollon (fiction). How to Contact: Accepts unsolicited mss. Check website for ms submission guidelines. Submit proposal package including cover letter, brief synopsis, 30-page sample, SASE to ATTN: Manuscript Submissions. Agented fiction 50%. Responds in four months to queries; four months to mss. Accepts simultaneous submissions. Terms: Pays negotiable royalties. Average advance: negotiable. Publishes ms up to one year after acceptance. Ms guidelines on website.

Mid-List Press
4324 12th Ave S., Minneapolis MN 55407-3218
Phone: (612)432-8062
Fax: (612)823-8387
Contact: Marianne Nora, executive director
Estab. 1989. "We''re a nonprofit literary press dedicated to the survival of the mid-list, those quality titles that are being neglected by the larger commercial houses. Our focus is on new and emerging writers." Publishes hardcover and trade paperback originals. Books: acid-free paper; offset printing; perfect or Smyth-sewn binding. Average print order: 2,000. Averages five total titles, two fiction titles/year. Distributes titles through Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Midwest Library Service, Brodart, Follett and Emery Pratt. Promotes titles through publicity, direct mail, catalogs, author''s events and review and awards.
Needs: General fiction. Published The Woman Who Never Cooked, by Mary L. Tabor; The Echo of Sand, by Gail Chehab (first novel). How to Contact: Accepts unsolicited mss. Agented fiction less than 10%. Responds in three weeks to queries; three months to mss. Accepts simultaneous submissions. Ms guidelines online. Terms: Pays 40-50% royalty on net receipts. Average advance: $1,000. Publishes ms 12-18 months after acceptance. Advice: "Write first for guidelines or visit our website before submitting. And take the time to read some of the titles we''ve published."

Oak Tree Press
140 E. Palmer St., Taylorville IL 62568
Phone: (217)824-6500
Fax: (217)824-2040
Contact: Billie Johnson, publisher (mysteries, romance, nonfiction); Sarah Wasson, acquisitions editor (all); Barbara Hoffman, senior editor (children''s, young adult, educational). Estab. 1998. "Small independent publisher with a philosophy of author advocacy. Welcomes first-time authors, and sponsors annual contests in which the winning entries are published." Publishes hardcover, trade paperback and mass market paperback originals and reprints. Books: acid-free paper; perfect binding. First novel print order: 1,000. Published four debut authors within the last year. Plans eight first novels this year. Averages 12 total titles, eight fiction titles/year. Member: SPAN, SPAWN. Distributes through Ingram, Baker & Taylor and Promotes through website, conferences, PR, author tours. Affinity for Murder, by Anne White, was an Agatha Award finalist. Timeless Love, by Mary Montague Sikes, received a Prism Award. Imprint(s) Oak Tree Press, Dark Oak Mysteries, Timeless Love, Acorn Books for Children (children''s, YA). Needs: Adventure, confession, ethnic, fantasy (romance), feminist, humor, mainstream/contemporary, mystery (amateur sleuth, cozy, police procedural, private eye/hard-boiled), new age/mystic, picture books, romance (contemporary, futuristic/time travel, romantic suspense), suspense, thriller/espionage, young adult (adventure, mystery/suspense, romance). Emphasis on mystery and romance novels. Recently published Big Black Hole, by Wilma Kahn (mystery); Intent to Defraud, by Mark Travis (mystery); Veil of Illusion, by Patricia Sheehy (romance); Bottom of the Ninth, by Peter Spring (mystery); Beyond the Flames, by Heather Smith Thomas (memoir).
How to Contact: Doesn''t accept or return unsolicited mss. Query with SASE. Accepts queries by e-mail, fax. Include estimated word count, brief bio, list of publishing credits, brief description of ms. Send SASE for return of ms or send a disposable ms and SASE for reply only. Agented fiction 5%. Responds in four-six weeks to queries; two months to proposals; two-three months to mss. Accepts simultaneous submissions, electronic submissions. No submissions on disk. Rarely comments on rejected mss. Terms: Pays 10-20% royalty on wholesale price. Average advance: negotiable. Publishes ms nine-18 months after acceptance. Book catalog for SASE or on website. Ms guidelines for SASE or on website. Advice: "Understand the business and be eager and enthusiastic about participating in the marketing and promotion of the title."

River City Publishing
River City Publishing, LLC, 1719 Mulberry St., Montgomery AL 36106 Phone: (334)265-6753
Fax: (334)265-8880
Contact: Jim Gilbert, editor
Estab. 1989. Midsize independent publisher (10-20 books per year). "We publish books of national appeal, with an emphasis on Southern writers and Southern stories." Publishes hardcover and trade paperback originals. Published two debut authors within the last year. Averages 12 total titles, four fiction titles/year. Had three nominees to Foreword fiction book of the year awards (2002); won Ippy for Short Fiction (2005). Needs: Ethnic, historical, literary, multicultural, regional (southern), short story collections. Published The Assigned Visit, by Shelley Fraser Mickel (novel); King of Country, by Wayne Greenhaw (novel); The Bear Bryant Funeral Train, by Brad Vice (short story collection). How to Contact: Accepts unsolicited submissions and submissions from unagented authors, as well as those from established and agented writers. Submit five consecutive sample chapters or entire ms for review. "Please include a short biography that highlights any previous writing and publishing experience, sales opportunities the author could provide, ideas for marketing the book, and why you think the work would be appropriate for River City." Send appropriate-sized SASE or IRC, "otherwise, the material will be recycled." Also accepts queries by e-mail. "Please include your electronic query letter as inline text and not an as attachment; we don''t open unsolicited attachments of any kind. Please don''t include sample chapters or your entire ms as inline text. We don''t accept electronic submissions of mss or portions of mss as e-mail attachments. We don''t field or accept queries by telephone." Agented fiction 25%. Responds in three to nine months; "please wait at least three months before contacting us about your submission." Accepts simultaneous submissions. No multiple submissions. Rarely comments on rejected mss. Terms: Pays 10-15% royalty on retail price. Average advance: $500-5,000. Publishes ms one year after acceptance. Advice: "Only send your best work after you have received outside opinions. From approximately 1,000 submissions each year, we publish no more than 20 books and few of those come from unsolicited material. Competition is fierce, so follow the guidelines exactly. All first-time novelists should submit their work to the Fred Bonnie Award contest."

Small Beer Press
176 Prospect Ave., Northampton MA 01060
Phone: (413)584-0299
Fax: (413)584-2662
Contact: Gavin J. Grant. Estab. 2000. Averages three-six fiction titles/year. Small Beer Press also publishes the zine Lady Churchill''s Rosebud Wristlet. SBP''s books have been Hugo and Locus Award winners, as well as BookSense Picks and finalists for The Story Prize.
Needs: Literary, experimental, speculative, story collections. Recently published Generation Loss: A Novel, by Elizabeth Hand (post-punk lit thriller); Interfictions: An Anthology of Interstitial Writing, by Delia Sherman and Theodora Goss, editors; Skinny Dipping in the Lake of the Dead, by Alan DeNiro (story collection); Mothers & Other Monsters, by Maureen F. McHugh (story collection); Magic for Beginners, by Kelly Link. How to Contact: "We don''t accept unsolicited novel or short story collection manuscripts. Queries are welcome. Please send queries with an SASE by mail." Advice: "Please be familiar with our books first to avoid wasting your time and ours, thank you."

32700 River Bend Road #5 P.O. Box 685, Chiloquin OR 97624
Phone: (541)783-7512
Contact: Debra Staples, editor
Estab. 1999. Small press publisher, specializing in quality e-books from talented new writers in a myriad of genres, including print-on-demand. SynergEbooks "works together" with the author to edit and market each book. Publishes paperback originals and e-books. Books: 60 lb. paper; print-on-demand; perfect bound. Average first novel print order: 30. Published five-10 debut authors within the last year. Averages 30 total titles, 15 fiction titles/year. Authors have received EPPIES and other awards. Needs: Adventure, business, family saga, fantasy (space fantasy, sword and sorcery), historical, horror, humor, mainstream/contemporary, mystery, new age/mystic, religious (children''s religious, inspirational, religious fantasy, religious mystery/suspense, religious thriller, religious romance), romance (contemporary, futuristic/time travel, historical, regency period, romantic suspense), science fiction, short story collections, western (frontier saga, traditional), young adult (adventure, fantasy/science fiction, historical, horror, mystery/suspense, romance), Native American. Welcomes series books (one-nine in a series, with at least one title completed at time of submission.) Published A Talent to Deceive: Who REALLY Killed the Lindberg Baby?, by William Norris (nonfiction); The Oberon Series, by P.G Forte (romance); The Caterpillar That Wouldn''t Change, by Nancy S. Mure (children).
How to Contact: Accepts unsolicited mss. Query via e-mail ONLY, three sample chapter(s), synopsis via attached mail in .doc format. Include estimated word count, brief bio, list of publishing credits, and e-mail address. Agented fiction 1%. Responds in three weeks to queries; three months to mss. Accepts simultaneous submissions, submissions on disk. Sometimes comments on rejected mss.
Terms: Pays 15-40% royalty. Publishes ms three-six months after acceptance. Ms guidelines online. Advice: "We don''t care if you''ve ever been published. If your work is unique in some way, and you''re willing to work together to market your book, there''s a good chance you''ll be accepted. Keep in mind that we are first and foremost a digital publisher, so if you''re not willing to market your work online, we suggest you submit to a different publisher."

Turtle Books
866 United Nations Plaza, Suite #525, New York NY 10017
Phone: (212)644-2020
Fax: (212)223-4387
"We''re an independent publishing house. Our goal is to publish a small, select list of quality children''s picture books in both English and Spanish editions." Publishes hardcover and trade paperback originals. Averages six-eight total titles/year. Member Association of American Publishers. Distributed by Publishers Group West. Received the Willa Cather Award for Best Children''s Book of the Year. Needs: Children''s/juvenile. Subjects suitable for children''s picture books. "We''re looking for good stories which can be illustrated as children''s picture books." Published The Crab Man, by Patricia Van West; Keeper of The Swamp, by Ann Garret; Prairie Dog Pioneers, by Jo Harper.
How to Contact: Accepts unsolicited mss. Submit complete ms and SASE. Include list of publishing credits. Accepts simultaneous submissions. Terms: Pays royalty on retail price. Offers advance. Publishes ms 12 months after acceptance. Advice: "We only publish children''s books. Every book we''ve published has been less than 2,000 words in length. Queries are a waste of time. Please send only complete manuscripts."

Unbridled Books
200 North 9th Street, Suite A, Columbia MO 65201
Phone: 573-256-4106
Fax: 573-256-5207
Contact: Greg Michalson and Fred Ramey, editors
Estab. 2004. "Unbridled Books aspires to become a premier publisher of works of rich literary quality that appeal to a broad audience." Publishes both fiction and creative nonfiction. Hardcover and trade paperback originals. Published one debut author within the last year. Averages 10-12 total titles, eight-10 fiction titles/year. Needs: Literary, nonfiction, memoir. The Green Age of Asher Witherow, by M. Allen Cunningham; The Distance Between Us, by Masha Hamilton; Fear Itself, by Candida Lawrence; Lucky Strike, by Nancy Zafris.
How to Contact: Query with SASE. Accepts queries by mail. No electronic submissions.

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