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18th Annual Self-Published Book Awards Winners - Middle Grade/Young Adult

Announcing the Middle Grade/Young Adult winners of the 18th Annual Writer's Digest International Self-Published Book Awards.
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Middle Grade/Young Adult

First Place:
Mariah Grey
Shadow of the Reapers
South St. Paul MN USA

Honorable Mentions:
Kendra Lacy
Melbourne FL USA

M.R. Street
Blue Rock Rescue
Tallahassee FL USA

MaryAnn Easley
Knuckle Down
Laguna Niguel, CA USA

Tim MacDonald
Time Box
Phoenix AZ USA

"Sam" Seymour & Annie "Baba" Pitts
You'll Never Blieve What God Was Wearing When Times Got Tought And The Mall Closed;
Arden NC USA

Allie Anders
The Fairytale Quest
Dublin Foreign Entry Ireland

Allie Anders
The Fairytale Quest
Dublin Foreign Entry Ireland

Andre Joseph Bottesi And Michele Elena Bondi
Your Teen Apostolate: Accepting And Sharing The Love Of God
Rochester Hills MI USA

Ann Wilmer-Lasky
The Chronicles Of Acqueria: Blood Moon Treachery
El Segundo CA USA

Audrey Handler & Jenna Robbins
Murphdog & Company Presents: "So, Where's Murphy?"
Chester Springs PA USA

Barbara J. Barr
The Secret Of Sly Mountain
Bloomington WI USA

Bobbie Smith
Sing, Girls, Sing!
Burlington Foreign Entry Canada

Bonnie Turner
Spirit Lights
De Pere WI USA

Brian Hershey
Accidental Impact
Cincinnati OH USA

Cameron Glenn
Amber's Summer With M. The V. And New Poems
Salt Lake City UT USA

Cara Rose-Brown
Woodlawn, ontario Foreign Entry Canada

Carina Sarda
Extra Ordinary
Greenwich CT USA

Carolyn S. Koch
How To Change A Neighborhood
Fairfox VA USA

Celeste Simone
Oriana's Eyes: Book One Of The Great Oak Trilogy
Twin Mountain NH USA

Chris Moller
The Ghost Of Charity Alden

Chris Moller

Christine Brumfield
GALS! Girls As Leaders
Florissant MO USA

Connie B. Otteson
George Brunt: Young Pioneer Of Eagle Rock
Idaho Falls ID USA

Cora Kerr
Love Lessons On Bird Beach
El Cajon CA USA

Daniel Sekarski
Teaching Tarzan
Froideville Switzerland

Darrell White
Alpine TX USA

Daryn J. Perry
Herotale-Redux Edition-Book One
South Bend IN USA

David Mittler
Legacy Of Fire
Elyria OH USA

Dawnelle Salant
calgary OTHER canada

Deirdre Laski
Hidden In The Next Step
Levack, Ontario Foreign Entry Canada

Denise Altobello And Jenny Velasquez
New Orleans LA US

Diane Nasgowitz
Andy The Airedale
Milwaukee WI USA

Dig Wilder
Dexter Clemens And The League Of Honorable Youth
Corona CA USA

Don Caron And Lyle Hatcher
Different Drummers
Spokane WA USA

E. A. Rappaport
Shadow From The Past
Orange CT USA

Enna Neru
An African Tale
Parker CO USA

Ernest Stadvec
The Mound Street Tigers
Akron OH USA

Frank Palacio
Middle Schoolin'
Gardena CA USA

Genie Abrams
Louey Levy's Greatest Catch
Newburgh NY USA

Hannah R. Goodman
Fear Of Falling
Bristol RI USA

Henry Melton
Emperor Dad
Hutto TX USA

Henry Melton
Roswell Or Bust
Hutto TX USA

Henry Melton
Extreme Makeover
Hutto TX USA

Henry Melton
Lighter Than Air
Hutto TX USA

Henry Melton
Falling Bakward
Hutto TX USA

Henry Melton
Golden Girl
Hutto TX USA

J. Pavelchak
Emily Hopkins And The Unspeakable Book
Matthews NC USA

Jacque Hall
Tommy Turns Detective
Martinez CA USA

Jacquelyn Wheeler
Rising Shadow
Berkeley CA US

Jacquelyn Wheeler
Berkeley CA US

James Howerton
The Blue River Valley
Denton NE USA

Jim Pugmire
Quinn Hawk And The Bishop Of Canton
West Jordan UT USA

Jim Pugmire
Quinn Hawk And The Baron Of Eastcastle
West Jordan UT USA

Jim Pugmire
Quin Hawk And The King Of Dalatia
West Jordan UT USA

Jim S Powell
The Mystery Of The Totem Tress
Tyler TX USA

John Philip Mccarthy
Horace Helfin's Holiday Home
Somers Point NJ USA

John Rose
The Monstersgrrls, Book 1: Out From The Shadows
Greenwood MS USA

Jon H Soeder
True Tales
Port Hueneme CA USA

Joseph Hughes
Dallas TX USA

Joshua Little
Finger People Prologue
Charlotte TN USA

Joshua Little
Finger People: Ushla's Allies
Charlotte TN USA

Judy Eberhardt
Shape Up Or Bite Me! "SWALK" Lessons From Six Teens In Health Class
Long Beach CA USA

Karla Krulitz Hegbloom
Sliding Past Ugly
Hauser ID USA

Katherine Baccaro
Catscratch Fever
Sierra Vista AZ USA

Kathy Knowlton
Jula's Loom
Seattle WA USA

Keri Diane Fry
Their Most Dngerous Enemy
Gainesville TX USA

Kristen Bailey
The River People
Roseburg OR USA

Larry Sweitzer
The Ghost, The Eggheads, And Babe Ruth's Piano
Roanoke VA USA

Laurel Jaguar
Big Skye Ranch
St. Michaels MD USA

Leigh K Cunningham
Shards (Sequel To The Glass Table Also Submitted)
Amaryllis Ville Foreign Entry Singapore

Leigh Martin
Metairie LA USA

Leila Rae Sommerfeld
Beyond The Bridge Of Time
Gresham OR USA

Leslie Lee Sanders
Bittersweet: The Diaryof Brandy Morgan

Linda Thiel Hewhings
Ophehia : In The Beyond Book, Book One
Hatfield MA USA

Lori Jordan-Rice
Miss Trimble's Trapdoor
Saginaw TX USA

Lori Jordan-Rice
Miss Trimble's Trapdoor: The Perseverance Of Christopher Columbus
Saginaw TX USA

Loribeth Bosserman
The Adventures Of David And Gram
Mitchells VA USA

Luz E Mendez De Rosado

Lynn Dove
Shoot The Wounded
Cochrane Canada

M.H. Sullvan
Trail Magic: Lost In Crawford Notch
Manchester NH USA

Margaret J. Mcmaster
Carried Away On Licorice Days
Kingsville, Ontario Canada

Margot Desannoy
Alex And The Amazing Dr. Frankenslime
Granada Hills CA USA

Marilyn Banyai
Take Pics With Pizzazz!
Collegeville PA USA

Marjorie Reed Sheffer
Elly's Country Year
Schenectady NY USA

Mary Vesta Nicherson
Sravestone Marker
Maxwell NE USA

Michael Haberer
Z (1) The Unfortunate Mission
Midland TX USA

Michelle Ann Cramer Batson
The Boys From Clarey Ave
Westmoreland NY USA

Ms Asenath Bole Odaga
The Diamond Ring

Nancy Carabio Belanger
Olivia And The Little Way
Rochester MI USA

Nicholas Joseph Bottesi And Michele Elena Bondi
Your Preteen Apostolate: Accepting And Sharing The Love Of God
Rochester Hills MI USA

P.A. Zimerman
Olivia's Magic Conch/ A Mystical Modern Day Fable
Port St. Lucie FL USA

Patrick Shannon
Viva Cisco
Parker CO USA

Paul M. Schofield
Murphy NC USA

Ric Weiss
Yo, Tyrania tyrania
Parker CO USA

Richard Barcott
Searching For Atlantis
Bothell WA USA

Richard Tornello
Chantilly VA USA

Robert Agnello
Band Of Innocence
Jersey City NJ USA

Robin M. Ambrozic
Piccolo The Initiare
Englewood CO USA

Rodney L. Cron Iii
The Wizard Of Confusion
Logan OH USA

Rosie Stocksdale
Roxy From The Bronx
Palos Verdes Estates CA USA

S. P. Perone
Penn Valley CA USA

Selene Cardenas
Sea Clearwater

Shanna Groves
Lip Reader
Olathe KS USA

Sharon M. Harvey
Virginia's Travel Basket
Parker CO USA

Simala Kureishy
Bismi And The Secret Of The Kohinoor
Palatine IL USA

Stephen Mcnamee
The Ostrich: A Tale Of Flightless Adventure
New York NY USA

Stephen V. Masse
Medford MA USA

Steve Burt
Freek Camp
Norwich CT USA

Susan Adamson, Ph.D. (Editor)
Moving Earth: Writing By Indiana Children
Indianapolis IN USA

Susan Adamson, Ph.D. (Editor)
Coming To Light: Writing By Indiana Children
Indianapolis IN USA

T.A. Halukennah
What The Mirror Sees
Stormville NY USA

Tom Bender
Run For It!
The Villages FL USA

Tommy Lee Cook
Jack Crocker Catchin' The Con
Ft. Myers FL USA

Tommy Lee Cook
Jack Crocker And Zachariah's Sawmill
Ft. Myers FL USA

Tommy Lee Cook
Jack Crocker And The Everglades Connection
Ft. Myers FL USA

Vivian Marie Aubin Du Paris
The Quest Of Dai: The Eroe
Lakewood WA USA

Warren Henke
Mandala's Catalyst
Lake Stevens WA USA

William Scotty Smith
The Giant Turkey Buzzard Battle
Hernando MS USA

Tirissa And The Necklace Of Nulidor tirissa
Parker CO USA

Alexandra Joy Gritta
Mystery At Silver Key Stables
Portland OR USA

Amy Wachspress
The Call To Shakabaz
Ukiah CA USA

Andy Thomson
Evil King
Toronto Canada

Angela B. Haight
A. P. Giannini, The Man With The Midas Touch
Menlo Park CA USA

Antonia Tamburello
Dog Days Bella's Diary
Staten Island NY USA

Barbara Eisele
Ocala FL North America - USA

Betty Casbeer Carroll
The Foot Hill Spirits Book Two Shawnees & Runaway Slaves
Ft. Wayne IN USA

Bren Gaudet
San Antonio TX USA

Brian D. Ratty
Dutch Clarke - The Early Years
Gearhart OR USA

Brian Willshire
Middleville MI USA

Brittney Cassity
Gap Mills WV USA

C. A. Dalton
Rolla MO USA

Frances A. Miller
Chestertown MD USA

Holly Gaskin
Adams Center NY USA

Jake Webber
Lafitte's Black Box
Baton Rouge LA USA

James L. Butler
Raptor Ravine
Portland OR USA

Jim Brown
More Than A Game
Naperville IL USA

Julie Hand
Wushu Moon Magic
Manchester Village VT USA

Katie Moak
Napolean And The Hurricane
Kirbyville TX USA

Ketaki Shriram
Sorceress Of The Himalayas
Menlo Park CA USA

L. Hughes
The Sara Chronicles Book One- The Beginning
Altus OK USA

L. Hughes
The Sara Chronicles Book Two- Evolution Of Us
Altus OK USA

L. Hughes
The Sara Chronicles Book Three - Return
Altus OK USA

Leigh K Cunningham
The Glass Table
Singapore Singapore

Linda Falcao
America Serves Student Journal
Media PA USA

Linda M. Daly
The Magic Of Jenny: No Reflection
Sutter Creek CA USA

Marie Delgadotravis And John Rivera
What If...
Houston TX USA

Martin Taylor Graves (Is Anna Florin)
People In The Curtains
South Jordan UT USA

Mary Kay Abbott
Pearl Of Baxter Grove
San Diego CA USA

Nancy Sanderson
Summer Of The Painted Horse

Orval Ray Fowler
Wally Gumer, Travel & Adventures
Clipper Hills CA USA

Patricia Rogers Bisgrove
A Walk With Sarah
Brookings OR USA

R.W. Ridley
Lost Days
Charleston SC USA

Richard J Lutz
Jadwiga's Crossing
New York NY USA

Robert Redinger
The Sylvan Horn: Book One Of The Sylvan Chord
New York NY USA

Robert Scott (As Charlie Mitchell)
The Great M&M Caper
Haymarket VA USA

Rod Vick
Christmas In Ireland
Mukwonago WI USA

Ron Tonyken
Catastropic Rescue
Stockton CA USA

Ruth Fankushen Kunkel
An Alien Robot's Cookbook
Davis CA USA

Sara Beacham
Miranda And The Tiger's Eye
Conroe TX USA

Tim Mcdonald
Time Box
Phoenix AZ USA

Tom Weston
The Elf Of Luxembourg
Sharon MA USA

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