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18th Annual Self-Published Book Awards Winners - Children's

Announcing the Children's winners of the 18th Annual Writer's Digest International Self-Published Book Awards.
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First Place:
Kathy M Miller
Chippy Chipmunk Parties In The Garden
New Ringgold PA USA

Honorable Mention:
Anita Reynolds Macarthur

A Royal Little Pest
Ajax Foreign Entry Ontario, Canada

Julie T. Lamana
Three Little Bayou Fishermen
Greenwell Springs LA USA

Sheila Kay Kilpatrick
Anastasia Pickering Anastassia's Rain
Virginia Beach VA USA

Stevie French
Lizzie Fox-Top
Lincoln University PA USA

Alice Scott

Even You Can Learn To Draw
Colorado Springs CO USA

Alison Lohans
Germy Johnson's Secret Plan
regina OTHER USA

Alvaro De Araujo
Tony The Mouse
Dallas TX USA

Andrea Monaghan
Aunt Cicis Creatures In The Attic
Oakland CA USA

Anne M. Slanina
Where The Rainbow Touches Ground
Harrisville PA USA

Barbara Bechler
Mr. Bat Cat
Show Low AZ USA

Barbara D. Waddell
If I Could Catch A Train
Burlington NC USA

Barbara Waddell
If I Could Catch A Train
Burlington NC USA

Beth Hirschfield
"What's Eating You, Girls 'N Boysenberries"?
Chicago IL USA

Beverly Parnell
The Terrible Tenor
Bonney Lake WA USA

Cheryl Davis
Cookie Boy: Travelin' Arkansas
Springdale AR USA

Cheryl Graham
A Special Project
Menden CT USA

Christine Murphy
Where Is My Soul?
Vero Beach FL USA

Chynna T. Laird
I'm Not Weird, I Have Spd
Edmonton OTHER Canada

Claire Candy Hough
Angels Of Faith
Santa Barbara CA USA

Colette Lesperance
Baby's First Christmas
Stamford CT USA

Colette Nicoletta
There's A Frog On My Forehead
Chanhassen MN USA

Connie Hjelmeng-Johnson
The Dreaded Annual Training
Galena MO USA

Dalton James
The Mudhogs
Parker CO USA

Debra Royle-Bassett, A.9 L. Bassett
My Family Syphony
rocky mount VA USA

Dina Bernabo
Favorite Fogs
Pittsburgh PA USA

Dr. T. E. Foster
The Little Zoo Of Belle Foo Shay
Hayden CO USA

Edna Perkins
Gerome's Magical Garden
Cornell WI USA

Elizabeth Lange Cannella
There's A Monster In My Lunchbox
West Bloomfield MI USA

Elsie Holcombe And Linda Shealy
What If The World Was Upside Down?
Anderson SC USA

Emerson J S Freedman
Little Bear Fred And His New Circus Bed
Buckinghamshire United Kingdom

Emilia Arau
The Rain Comes To Play
Austin TX USA

Esther L. Mackey
The Adventures Of Trouble,Duck And Big Dog
Joliet IL USA

Eva Marie Cote C/O Jane Myers
I Am Me And You Are You
Ann Arbor MI USA

Gary Rinker
The Very Best Toy
Perryton TX USA

Grandma Sue
Grandpa, Do It! I Do It, Too!

Gwynneth Beasley
Zeke, Ky And The Mountain Stream
Coffs Harbour Foreign Entry Australia

Holly Hardin
Aurora Of The Nother Lights
Parker CO USA

Irene Savakis
A Poppy For Pappy
Terrebonne, Quebec OTHER Canada

Jan Distefano
A Snowman's Christmas Eve
Summerville SC USA

Jan Distefano
The Fearless Attic Explorer
Summerville SC USA

Jennie E. Nicassio
Rocky:The Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Jennifer Knoth And Cassiopeia
Cassie Wonders
san Jose CA USA

Jennifer L Rogala
Tina, Wilamina, Irina, & Nina
Norwood MA USA

Jeremy Foster-Fell
The Caterpillar And The Express Train
Wolcott VT U.S.

Joann Koch
Annie's World Barnes-Noble
Sherman Oaks CA USA

Johanna Sawer Illus: Jenaya Block
Emily's Incorrigible Tastebuds
Chilliwack Foreign Entry Canada

Joseph Kelly
The Closet Monster
Fort Wahington PA USA

Karen Guinn Robertson
Treasure Kai And The Lost Gold Of Shark Island
Fairlight Foreign Entry Australia

Kathy Knowlton
Tomatoes, Squash And Babies
Seattle WA USA

Keely Alexander & Velani Mynhardt Witthoft
Davy Brown Discovers His Roots
Seattle WA USA

Keith Malinsky
Funny Pennies
Glendale CA USA

Kevin Graham
Jesus From A To Z
Denver CO USA

Krista Petersen
Meet Mr. Napkin
Eagle River AK USA

Laurie Mercer
Seigfried The Weird White Peacock click on home page for Siegfried PDF
Honeoye Falls NY USA

Leona Derosa Bodie
Skating For Two
Pam City FL USA

Libby Seamans
The Adventures Of Abendigo Bunny...The Beginning
Dallas TX USA

Lisa Williams
The Fairy Tale Of Williams Ranch The Trick
Fredericksburg VA USA

Lisa Williams
The Darknessof Williams Ranch
Fredericksburg VA USA

Liz Wolf
Billy The Silly Otter
Las Vegas NV USA

Lynne Carol Austin
Edith Ann Marie The Sun Is In My Heart
Waukesha WI USA

M. Maitland Deland, M.D.
Busy Bees At Work And Play
Lafayette LA USA

M. Maitland Deland, M.D.
The Great Katie Kate Tackles Questions About Cancer
Lafayette LA USA

Maggie Mei Lewis; Illustrated By Melody Lea Lamb
Moonlight Memoirs - Remembering That Family And Friends Are Forever
Edgewater MD USA

Marc Ladin
The Playground Bully Blues
Wakefield RI USA

Marie Baggerly
Trouble Wears A Bell
Jackson NJ USA

Mariela Kleiner
Meet Einstein
Palo Alto CA USA

Mark Alden Johnson
I'm Up In A Tree
dayton NV USA

Marny Duncan-Cary
Lumsden Foreign Entry Canada

Marny Duncan-Cary
Who's That Man?
Lumsden Foreign Entry Canada

Mary Kaye Rhee
Egbert Tells The Teacher
Northville MI USA

Mary Kendall And Debbie Suggs
A Giving Garden
Chapel Hill NC USA

Mary Miceli
China Baby Doll
Wenham MA USA

Mary Miceli
Confessor's Animal Wartime Blues
Wenham MA USA

Matina Bastakos
Emma Emu's Eager Enviromental Endeavors
Messinia Foreign Entry Greece

Matina Bastakos
Robbie Roo Rids Racism
Meessinia Foreign Entry Greece

Michael Soler
The Lady Bug And Me
Westfield NJ USA

Michele Zink Harris
God's Spirit In The Heart Of Every Child
austin TX USA

Monica Holtz
Emily At The Zoo
Eau Claire WI USA

Myrna Guymer
The Canadian Shield Alphabet
Denare beach OTHER Canada

Nannette Nocon
What's Up With Yuk?
Rochester NY USA

Natalie Tinti
Sewing A Friendship
Temecula CA USA

Olive O Brien
Perry The Playful Polar Bear
Cork Foreign Entry Ireland

Pat Jordison
Voices In The Attic
Parker CO USA

Patrica Mader
Big Brother Has Wheels
Northfield MN USA

Peggy House
Junk Food Gordon
Perrinton MI USA

Phyllis Cochran
Whose Cat Is That?
Winchendon MA USA

S. D. Moore
The Adventures Of Pj And Split Pea Vol. Ii
Parker CO USA

Salwa A. Yak
The Jewels
windsor, Ontario OTHER Canada

Sandy Lou Miller
Adventures In The Land Of The Grapes
Brookshire TX USA

Scott Tremaine
The Caped Kindergarten Kids
Sterling Heights MI USA

Sheila Cayolle
Morning Rain
alpharetta GA USA

Sheila Dobbie
Robert Robin's First Flight
New Albany OH USA

Shella Shubuck
A Home For Peter
Scottsville NY USA

Sherry Ellis
That Mama Is A Grouch
Loveland OH USA

Stevie Mccoy
The Seedless
Seatac WA USA

Susanne Alexander-Heaton
The Abc Field Guide To Faeries
Calgary Foreign Entry Canada

Therese Tappouni
Me And Green
Indian Shores FL USA

Vicki Rigg
Boots On Newts
Mason MI USA

Yvonne T Moyer
Millie May And The Miami Circle
Miami Shores FL USA

Alan S. Garrett
Frosty's Run
Saint Jo TX USA

Andrew Carmitchel
All Of My Animals
Highland IL USA

Angela Troncalli
Sammie Jo And Friends
Birmingham AL USA

Annette Nardone
Benny Makes A Call
Brantford Canada

Annette Nardone
Benny Goes On A Voyage
Brantford Canada

Barbara D. Waddell
If I Could Catch A Train
Burlington NC USA

Barbara Gail Techel
Frankie, The Walk 'N Roll Therapy Dog Visits Libby's House
Elkhart Lake WI USA

Ben Magleby
Sugarbug Doug
Clovis CA USA

Benny Hamilton
The Goat In The Coat
Wooton KY USA

Cheryl Vollmer
A Hungry Lion In My Tummy
San Antonia TX USA

Chynna T. Laird
I'm Not Weird, I Have Spd
Edmonton, Alberta OTHER Canada

Claire Boudreany Bateman
Call Me Hero
Baton Rouge LA USA

David Koteen & Colleen Anne Marlow
Custard Apples
Eugene OR USA

Diana Kwiatkowski Rubin
King Choco The Great
Piscataway NJ USA

Diane Shapley-Box
Apples For Fred
Rockwall TX USA

Helen Diane Wilcox
Twinkle Twon Tales
Clayton CA USA

Jan Campbell
The Witch Who Loved Small Children
Merrimack NH USA

Jan Wiltse
Abby And The Secrets Of The Doll House
Grand rapids MI USA

Jan Wiltse
I'm Good No Matter What
Grand rapids MI USA

Jeanne Hayden
Last Minute Wilma And Her Toad Soup
West Chester OH USA

Joy Dekok
Raccoon Tales
Pine Island MN USA

Karen Boes Oman
Gifts Of The Heart
Minneapolis MN USA

Kathy Brodsky
Just Sniffing Around
Manchester NH USA

Kathy Slamp
A Picnic At The Glacier
Medford OR USA

Kevin B. Parsons
Ken Johnson & Roxi The Rocker
Las Vegas NV USA

Kirmit Weeks
All Of Life Is A School
Polk City FL USA

Lad Castle
Adventures Of Tommy Finn
Sun City Center FL USA

Lando Brown
The Red Candy Caboose
Santa Fe NM USA

Leah Orr
Messy Tessy
weston FL USA

Lynda Wurster Deniger
Salty Seas & His Heroic Friends
Abita Springs LA USA

Maureen Ryan Esposito
My Fair Child
Flemington NJ USA

Michelle White
New Opportunities
Lebanon PA USA

Olive O Brien
Perry The Polar Bear Goes Green
Cork Foreign Entry Ireland

Patrick A. Davy
The Little Big Thinkers: A Collection Of Children's Stories
West Hempstead NY USA

Ramona Reynolds
The Great Chicken Heist
Victoria Foreign Entry Canada

Rena Cherry Brown
Where Do I Belong?
Easton MD USA

Rosemary Scarsella Illustarted By Kathy Scarsella
Smile With Kyle The Koala
saugerties NY USA

Sidney Goodman
Grandpa's Unfatootzer
Las vegas NV USA

Tanya Marie Belair
The Country Cropkins
Annville PA USA

Zalman Goldstein
The Big Barrel Of Wine
Monsey NY USA

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