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Greeting Card Markets

Greeting Card Markets
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11510 Goldcoast Dr., Cincinnati OH 45249-1695
Phone: (513)489-2775
Fax: (513)489-2857
Contact: Editor

Editor''s Note: Amberley Greetings is now accepting alternative humor.

Freelance Facts:
Established: 1966
90% of material freelance written.
Bought 200 ideas/samples last year.

Responds in 1 month.
Buys all rights.
Pays on acceptance.
Sends writer''s guidelines for #10 SASE.

Needs Overview: "Original, easy to understand, belly-laugh or outrageous humor. We sell to the ''masses, not the classes,'' so keep it simple and to the point. Humor accepted in all captions, including general birthday, family birthday, get well, anniversary, thank you, friendship, etc. No nonhumorous material needed or considered this year."

Needs: Humorous
Submit maximum 10 ideas/batch.
Pays $150/card idea.

"Send SASE for our writer''s guidelines before submitting. Amberley publishes humorous specialty lines in addition to a complete conventional line that is accented with humor. Since humor is our specialty, we are highly selective. Be sure your SASE has correct U.S. postage. Otherwise it will not be returned."

117 W. Valerio St., Santa Barbara CA 93101-2927

Contact: Ashleigh Brilliant, president.

Freelance Facts:
Established: 1967
Responds in 2 weeks.
Buys all rights.
Catalog and sample set for $2.

Needs Overview: "Messages should be of a highly original nature, emphasizing subtlety, simplicity, insight, wit, profundity, beauty and felicity of expression. Accompanying art should be in the nature of oblique commentary or decoration rather than direct illustration. Messages should be of universal appeal, capable of being appreciated by all types of people and of being easily translated into other languages. Because our line of cards is highly unconventional, it is essential that freelancers study it before submitting. No topical references or subjects limited to American culture or puns."

Needs: Postcards.

Submission Notes: Submit words and art in black on 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 horizontal, thin white paper in batches of no more than 15. Limit of 17 words/card. Pays $60 for "complete, ready-to-print word and picture design."

2604 NW 74th Place, Gainesville FL 32653
Phone: (352)375-8530
Fax: (352)374-9957

Contact: Katy Fischer, owner.

Freelance Facts:
Responds in 6 months.
Buys all rights.
Pays on publication.

Needs Overview: "A line of framed prints of watercolors with calligraphy."

Needs: Conventional, Humorous, Inspirational, Sensitivity, Soft Line

Prefers unrhymed verse, but will consider rhymed.
Submit maximum 3 ideas/batch.
Pays $75-200/framed print idea.

Other Product Lines: Gift books, plaques, musical picture frames

"We are looking for sentimental and inspirational sayings such as can be given to friends or family, or used as a wedding or graduation gift, but that do not mention specific occasions as such. For example, Mother saying that could be given all year as well as on Mother''s Day. Our main markets are women 20 to 50 years of age. We are looking for verses that tell someone significant how much they mean to you, how important their friendship is or what is special about knowing them. All that in 35 words or less. We are looking for sayings to incorporate into items that caring people would like to give as lasting gifts."

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