What Would You Like to See in Writer's Digest magazine?

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We're in the midst of planning the 2009 editorial calendar for Writer's
Digest magazine, and I'd love to have your ideas and opinions on what you want to see in the coming year. Writer's Digest editors
from across the brand gathered earlier this week to brainstorm of list
of potential ideas. Feel free to e-mail me directly or use the comments area of this post to give us your feedback.

Craft & Technique Topics

  1. A comprehensive guide to starting or finishing your novel
  2. A step-by-step guide to revision and self-editing (all genres)
  3. How to write a successful memoir (for the non-celebrity)
  4. The art and craft of timeless storytelling; how to hook your readers
  5. How to be a successful critique partner and how to incorporate feedback into your work
  6. How to make poetry a part of everyday life (even if you're not a poet)
  7. A crash schedule for getting a first draft of your book done in 4 weekends
  8. Master plots that work time and time again

Business Topics & Timely Topics

  1. Everything you need to know about self-publishing, and how the self-publishing game is changing
  2. Why and how to get known before the book deal (to attract editor and agent interest, to ensure book sales)
  3. The changing role of the gatekeepers—editors and agents—and how it changes your steps to publication and beyond
  4. The new economic model of publishing/media: how it impacts your career and what you need to change today to remain relevant
  5. How to make a sustainable living with your writing (in tough times)—a freelancer's ultimate guide
  6. The most effective technological tools for marketing and promoting yourself
  7. How to use social networking to reach readers and avoid a waste of time/effort
  8. Negotiating contracts and payments with editors in a digital age; what are digital rights worth and when should you keep them?
  9. How bookstores work, both online and offline, and what the future of bookselling looks like
  10. How to get the most out of writers conferences, both business-wise and craft-wise

New Department/Column Ideas

  1. How I Write: Spotlights a celebrity author in his/her writing space, talking about necessary practices/objects/environment
  2. Popular
    Fiction Report: Special reports, news, tips, and marketing information
    in today's hottest genres, including romance, mystery/crime,
    thriller/suspense, horror, and science fiction/fantasy
  3. What's
    Selling and Why: A visual list of top-selling books (according to
    Nielsen Bookscan reports), why or how they made the top of the list,
    and insider info from authors-agents-editors on how the books came to

What would you add to our list of ideas?