What Would You Do If You Were Freed of Circumstance?

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The latest Glimmer Train bulletin is now available.

I love this piece featured from Lydia Fitzpatrick, "Characters, Unfettered," where an interview with Brad Watson leads to deep insight. Here's a brief excerpt:

The central idea for the [Brad's] novella had evolved … in order to study "where the human imagination takes a human life when unfettered by unexpected circumstances."

OK, I thought, interesting. I sent the interview off to the editor. I ate some ramen. Lived my life. But this idea kept coming back to me. While I walked my dog (pathetically fettered as I am), or stared at the hot bar at the Piggly Wiggly, or refreshed my Facebook news feed. What would my life be, if I freed it of circumstance?

Find out Lydia's answer, and start thinking about your own.

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