The Secret Weapon Behind Writer's Digest Books

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Our executive editor of Writer's Digest Books—who has been part of Writer's Digest for longer than I have—is probably the best-kept secret we have around here. That's because she's a little shy, a bit modest, and likes to work behind the scenes.

Starting today, we're gently nudging her into the limelight by launching Kelly's Picks. For those of you who know and fondly recall the Writer's Digest Book Club (which folded last year), Kelly's Picks is meant to offer some of the same personalized recommendations, straight from the person who acquires the 20+ titles per year for our list. Kelly knows writing how-to books better than anyone (plus aspires to get that Great American Novel written).

Kelly works with nearly every author on our list—James Scott Bell, Donald Maass, NM Kelby, and Heather Sellers, just to name a few. She's so endeared to our authors that one of them dedicated her most recent Writer's Digest Book to her:

I hope you'll enjoy this new feature at, and both Kelly and I welcome your feedback on what would be helpful to you in selecting the best books to advance your craft and your career.

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