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Hey, TV fans--

Wanted to introduce you to my new favorite website/blog,

Here's what's awesome about this site... first of all, it's dedicated only to TV ratings, so unlike Variety or The Reporter or Mediaweek, you don't have to wade through a bunch of other news and information in order to get the numbers. It's just ratings.

Second of all, it gives you easy-to-understand analyses and puts shows' ratings in the context of other shows, networks, and recent history. The two bloggers, Bill Gorman and Robert Seidman, aren't TV professionals, but they're astute observers and analysts. They're also unabashed TV fans, so they're not afraid to inject their their opinions on what good shows (like 30 Rock, one of their favorites), should be doing better.

TVbytheNumbers also lets you sign up for daily ratings emails, which is terrific, because Variety and The Hollywood Reporter's emails come out at night, so you don't get the ratings till the end of the day, which is pointless.

Anyway, take a look... it's a wonderful site... and a terrific help for anyone who loves or works in television...

(P.S. And I swear to you, these guys didn't pay me to write this. I've never even met them--but I think I'll drop them an email and tell them how much I like the site...)