WEBSITE OF THE DAY: Amanda the Aspiring TV Writer

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Props to my friend Charlie for turning me on to this site, but I wanted to let you all know about a pretty great blog... from Amanda the Aspiring TV Writer.

I don't know Amanda personally, but if you're interested in television writing... or how to break in... this is a terrific site. Here's the scoop... Amanda is a young woman, here in L.A., trying to make it as a television writer. So she's doing what many people do when they're trying to get their foot in the door: working at an agency, which is one of the best-- if not THE best-- way to get your start in Hollywood (especially in TV).

So Amanda uses her blog not only to give writing advice, but also to advise people on how to get their start, how to navigate the world of agencies, etc. She even posts interesting events and writer-centric activities around town. But perhaps most interestingly, Amanda captures what it's like to be twentysomething and trying to make it in television. She writes about everything from the culture within an agency... to why she loves TV... to how to network and find jobs. It's half memoir, half advice-column, half behind-the-curtain-glimpse at Hollywood. (And yes-- that's three halves. I am HORRIBLE at math.)

Anyway, check it out... it's a different (and, I think, fresher and perhaps more honest) look at writing-- or trying to write-- in Hollywood then you get at blogs of more established writers.