The Coolest Way to Get Your Trades (and for free)

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Hey, everyone--

Wanted to let you know about a really valuable resource I hope you all take advantage of...'s FishbowlLA and I have just launched Morning Call Time, the only daily podcast of entertainment news designed specifically for the entertainment industry itself.

Each morning, I aggegate the top headlines from Hollywood’s main trades and present them in a 5-6 minute audio podcast available to download or stream. So you don’t just get your industry news… you hear how the trades are reporting it.

This isn't the "news" you get at Access Hollywood or TMZ, like where Paris Hilton got drunk or who Britney assaulted, this is the inside-Hollywood news straight from Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Broadcasting & Cable, TVWeek, etc.: deals being done, scripts being sold, shows being developed, companies merging and splitting, and other breaking business news that affects you and your writing career.

And because it's an audio podcast, you can download it to your computer or iPod and listen to it whenever-- or wherever-- you want... as you're driving to work, running on the treadmill, eating breakfast, taking a shower, shopping for groceries... whenever it's most convenient.

It's like having your trades read to you whenever you need them.

Also, I post Morning Call Time each morning before 3 a.m. PST (6 a.m. ET), making it available long before you get to work and get your print trades… or even get out of bed.

Anyway, check it out. You can stream it at FishbowlLA (here's a direct link to the RSS feed), or subscribe to it at iTunes and download it automatically to your iPod!

Also-- if you like what you hear, please feel free to post a review on iTunes!

Thanks, guys-- lemme know what you think!